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Lessons From Donald Trump’s Victory


Let’s get this clear first; I wanted Hillary Clinton to win, just like millions of people across the world.

It was almost a sure thing, we didn’t worry about a possible Trump win, we knew he won’t. He cannot! Hillary was smarter, sane, more experienced in the political field, ready, she was everything!

Hillary lost the presidency to Donald Trump.

Did we see it coming? No. Why? Because of a few things we have been brought up to believe.

Here they are;

1. Those who work hardest will reap the most

The person who gets A’s in class will go to university and subsequently get an awesome job that pays a six-figure salary, right? Rarely happens.

If life was this predictable and success this easy to attain, then very many of the people I know who had A’s would be very far today. Far like successful far.

Ironically, life gives tests to all of us, from the best to the not so good. So you’ll find people who work so hard not winning, and that’s okay.

What matters is you do your best and put your best foot forward, but don’t be too sure of wins, you might end up very disappointed.

2. Say what people want to hear

The reason many people across the world were so sure of a Hillary Clinton win is that she was the perfect image, character, conduct of a serious, promising politician.

She promised the people what they wanted to be promised, said what they wanted to hear, did what they wanted her to do. But in the end, more of those people voted for Donald than for her.

People are glad if you say nice things to them, but sometimes they wish someone could stand up and say what is really in their hearts.

Speak your truth, it might be the freedom many are looking for. Let them find it in you.

3. Don’t apply for jobs that want experience when you have none

Apply. Period. I had a friend who would ask me why I am applying for jobs that want 5-year experience yet I am just from campus, and I would tell him the 5-year experienced guy might fail to show up for the interview and maybe they would consider my application.

After all, I would be more affordable than the guy. I am glad Donald Trump proved to all of us that you can actually get in a race with people more experienced than you are, and still beat them.

As the saying goes, amateurs built the ark, professionals built the Titanic. We know which failed to survive a storm.

4. Be part of the crowd, fit in

If Donald Trump would have liked, he would have campaigned like all politicians do, said the same things, did the same things. But he didn’t. He spoke his truth and kept at it.

He would have tried to beat Hillary by delivering smart, eloquent, inspiring speeches, but he didn’t. He stayed on his lane and played the game in his own shockingly different way. He won. Be you. Keep doing you.

In the end, you will win. Even if you don’t, you still win, because you were true. And truth wins.

Lastly, this is a quote that stands truer today than any other day, if you can’t dazzle them with intelligence, baffle them with bullshit. They might vote in the bullshit. America did 🙂

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