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Maintain Sanity At The Office This Holiday Season!


Now that the festive season is here, many of us have probably started experiencing a go-slow at work, with Friday being the only day we look forward to. The boss might have already noticed, or luckily not, but here’s how to keep your psyche up during this ‘very trying’ period.

  1. Sort out a big load of the work immediately you get into the office.This will ensure that you work when you are still fresh and the day hasn’t done you yet. Avoid any interruptions during this period, and work for about 6 hours non-stop before taking a break.
  2. Take two hours off. Most of our workplaces allow us an hour lunch break or less, but I would advise you take more time off, to allow yourself breathe and relax. More time off also means you will less likely feel the need to lazy around the remainder part of the day, as you had enough time to rejuvenate.
  3. Stop procrastinating. Do not carry today’s work forward. This only increases the load of work you need to finish every day and will consequently kill your psyche.
  4. Listen to music while working. I personally find this very therapeutic. Listening to music while working not only lifts your mood, but also keep you awake and alert. Carry headphones/earphones or wireless Bluetooth music player with you to help you out in this without interfering with other people’s peace in the office.
  5. Lastly, keep in mind that after the holiday season you will still need a job. Don’t spoil it. Do what you are paid to do, keep the relationship between you and your boss/colleagues on the positive. Come January, when you’ve made merry and are now broke, you will need a place to fall back on.
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