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Media.net Partners With Facebook Audience Network


Facebook Audience Network partnership with Media.net will give publishers access to premium and unique demand from more than 4M advertisers.

Media.net is pleased to share partnership news with the Facebook Audience Network, giving publisher clients access to a massive source of premium and unique demand from more than 4M advertisers.

Media.net is a global technology provider for premium publishers. Over two years ago, they created the industry’s first server-side header bidding platform. The Facebook Audience Network lets brands extend their Facebook ad campaigns off of Facebook, using the same targeting data as they use on it.

The Facebook Audience Network demand has been integrated into Media.net’s best in class header bidding platform. By working with Media.net, Facebook will be able to leverage Media.net’s expertise in header bidding and enable publishers to drive greater value through unified auction dynamics across unique demand.

Programmatic advertising is at an inflection point. Header bidding, particularly as it has evolved to server-side, has been a great advancement for the industry because publishers can source demand holistically and with minimal impact to the user. They are seeing greater yield without compromise to the user. Facebook Audience Network is working with Media.net help move the market towards a fair bidding environment for advertisers, publishers, and consumers.

Both Facebook and Media.net share a commitment to driving value for publishers in the digital ecosystem. Those shared philosophies were a foundational element to this partnership. Media.net worked with the Facebook team to develop shared best practices that will benefit publishers, advertisers, and the ever-important user experience.

“The industry is evolving fast and Facebook’s entry into the bidding world will only accelerate that evolution. This is an important, impactful demand source for publishers,” said Media.net COO, Namit Merchant. “We both want to bring access, transparency, and ethics into the industry. We are committed to this and will continue to do so.”

All publishers who are working with Media.net are already being considered to participate in it. Forbes was among the first of Media.net’s publisher partners set live and many of their premium publishing partners including The Atlantic and Wenner Media are already in progress to be set live in the coming weeks.

If you’re a publisher who wants access to Facebook’s vast advertiser base enhanced by their leading audience targeting platform, you can go through Media.net, however, you would need to meet Facebook’s criteria for participation.

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