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Moving Out? Here’s The Bachelors’ Starter Pack.


You have finally come to terms with the reality that it is time to move out of your parent’s house.

You will no longer be feasting on your mother’s sumptuous meals, free from paying house rent and getting your mess cleaned and sorted out by the house manager.

It is time to be your own boss and what better way to start than having a checklist of what you need to have to start you off!

Here’s all you need to start life as a young bachelor in Nairobi;

1. Research and save money for your first house bills.

This includes money for rent, water bills, electricity bill and payments for garbage collection.

Ensure you know everything you will need to pay for at the new house before you move in. Surprises in forms of bills are not funny.

Your landlord/landlady should be able to tell you every bill you will be required to foot before you make any choices.

2. Invest in kitchen appliances.

This comes before anything else because man cannot live without food.

Invest in a good cooker, cooking pots and pans, spoons and plates, knives and glasses.

You will definitely need these before you will need a television set or music system.

A hungry stomach cannot enjoy Netflix and Chill you know!

If your pockets are not hurting, then go right ahead and buy a good mini-fridge and microwave to enable efficiency in running the kitchen department.

3. Invest in bedroom/sleeping materials.

Once your stomach is sorted, you can now look into where you will lay your head after a long day at work.

Buy a good comfortable mattress, preferably high density, and a bed that fits. Also, buy pillows and finish off with nice duvets, sheets and pillow cases.

Make your bed as comfortable as possible because if you are like me, this is where you spend a lot of time thinking and meditating.

It is the ‘home’ once you get home.

4. Invest in Entertainment equipment.

Your stomach department is sorted, the bedroom is good to go. Now, a house is not a house if we cannot listen to some good music, no? Yes.

If you are able to afford it, buy a good music system, TV set and decoder.

We are almost done! Up to this point, you have purchased most of the things you will need for your new house, only one more step remaining and you are good to go!

5. House shopping.

This ranges from toiletry to food items to personal effects. Write down a quick shopping list of the most important things you will need around the house.

If you ask nicely, I could do a quick list for you of the basic items you shouldn’t miss out on.

Don’t stress about this, though, as alternatively, you could walk along all isles at the supermarket, checking items one by one just to ensure nothing very important is left out!

You are now good to go!

It will probably not be easy managing your own house the first few months, but it will be all worth it.

Advantages of moving out of home include the freedom to leave your house and come back at whatever time you desire, and having to answer to no one!

Also, you can eat whatever you want whenever you want without having to share.

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