New Survey Reveals The Races and Countries with The Biggest Manhood Sizes!

4 years ago

The one biggest issue across the ages and societies is the impact of the manhood’s size on the pleasure had while having intercourse.

The Congolese people are said to be “Chuma ya kuotea mbali” as they rank highest in the penile heights.

For those generously endowed it is a source of pride regardless of accompanying skill in the bedroom while for those not so gifted it can be a humbling experience.

If you think many are not worried, then just have a look at the gossip groups and the number of people selling portions that increase size.

Well, someone with a lot of time on their hands has decided to carry out a survey on the average length of manhood across countries in the world.

The length is in centimeters but converting to inches then you will see, Kenyan guys are not faring badly with averages of about 6.3 inches. The survey was released last month by Target Map.

The Asian guys or Countries not in the list With The Biggest Manhood especially South Koreans and India are struggling in this department with 3.7 to 4.1 inches.

However, the West African brothers are on another level going by the averages with over 6.5 inches.

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