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New Year Resolutions? You Should Have This On Your List!


And I’ll start right away! Let go of the idea that feminism is a fight against men.

We are fighting to get women’s rights recognized and respected, and we can do this without having to bash, abuse, demean the men in our lives. Unless of course, if they are doing something that hinders our cause.

Otherwise, the type of feminism that says, ‘let’s now hate men’ is not the type of feminism we should subscribe to come the new year.

May we outgrow our immeasurable love for free things. Which sadly includes free music albums from our friends who are trying so hard to make it in the music industry, free meals at hotels that are owned by ‘people we know’, free entry tickets to events organized by people we know.

Mahn! It is time that we start supporting the careers and dreams and passions of the people in our lives, unless we don’t really genuinely care for them.

That anybody owes you anything. Haha. I know I have written about this a million times, and it’s because I feel it cannot be stressed enough.

Come the new year, may we expect less of other people, and channel that energy to doing more ourselves. You’ll see just how much this really helps.

Also, now that you know how it feels to be disappointed by someone else, strive to be less of a disappointment to others as well.

May we also outgrow ‘waiting for the right time’. Just do it. Opportunities come and go and you let them pass because you feel you are not ready yet, or you are not qualified yet.

Grab those opportunities and learn along the way. It will not be fair to make 2017 another year of ‘I wish I knew’. Come December next year, if we have life, we will be saying, ‘Yees! It finally happened’.

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