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Orange Customer Care ‘Fisi’ Exposed for Breaching Privacy and Hitting on Customer


An Orange Kenya customer care representative is in hot soup after screenshots of messages he sent a customer were shared on social media.

Twitter user @Laura_Wamby (Laura Wambi) tweeted to Orange Kenya screenshots of a conversation she had with one of their agents.

Earlier in the day, Laura had visited an Orange Shop for an unnamed service and left her contact details behind.

The unnamed naive employee saw this as an opportunity to get her number and chat with her after work.

”Hi… That’s my pic, I served you today at Orange Mega and was like if maybe I could get to know you sometime.” he started his Whatsapp conversation.

Immediately the Orange employee introduced himself, Laura expressed her displeasure. She pointed out the breach of customer privacy, promising him of consequences.

”By getting my number from my registration sheet??!! Are you Mad??!! See you on Monday. This is a serious breach of my privacy and I will not take it lightly.” she wrote back.


Upon informing Orange of the issue, the mobile service provider promised to take swift action.


However in a twist of events, most of those commenting appeared to be on the side of the Orange employee. While acknowledging that the outright breach of privacy was wrong, they did not see this as reason enough for Laura to have him fired.

Here are some of those comments.

Even the dreaded Kilimani Mums got behind the guy and castigated Laura for her heartlessness.



Some photos of Laura.



Do you think this was the best cause of action by Laura?

Source: Nairobi Wire