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Parte After Parte Video Challenge (Funny)


Parte after Parte Dance Challenge


Parte After Parte Video Challenge

9-year-old Ugandan singer Rowland Kaiza, alias Big Trill, may not be a household name in Kenya but his latest song certainly is.

The dreadlocked singer last month released a song dubbed ‘Parte after parte’ that has now become the tagline for most Kenyans on Twitter, especially when approaching a long weekend.

Big Trill, speaking to The Observer following the success of the song, said he wrote it after noticing that most of his countrymen and women love partying continuously.

“I was in the studio making a song when I came across a 2011 video clip where Pastor Martin Sempa was complaining about how Ugandan youth like to “party after party…!” and that’s how I turned it into a song,” he said.

What the singer however did not not count on is the huge popularity the song has now garnered in Kenya owing to its humorous tagline.

Kenyans are known to seek any possible reason to party, including recently when the old Ksh.1000 notes were being phased out and a host of entertainment spots in the city hosted ‘Send off’ parties.

This hence explains the widespread popularity of the song, or more particularly the phrase ‘parte after parte’, within the Kenyan audience.

Below is the song as well as a few Twitter posts by Kenyans about it ahead of the long weekend courtesy of the Thursday Moi Day celebrations:

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