Pay Attention To Your Look! It Is The Second Step!

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The first step is loving yourself genuinely, and feeling good about yourself regardless of all other factors.

The second step is ensuring you look the part. By ‘the part’ I mean the message you send out, by your dressing and manners, is exactly what you’d like to communicate.

This is not to say there’s a particular standard you need to maintain, but that be clear about who you are, and what you stand for, and communicate that. Everyone has this freedom and this right.

That said,  I cannot stress enough how important it is to step out looking good and feeling all confident about yourself. First impressions matter, so does the second, third, fourth and all the other days.

As I have mentioned, regardless of what you wear, feeling good about yourself should start from the inside. These other factors should act as boosters.

Yet, we cannot underestimate how much difference it makes when you put together a well thought out outfit and step out into the world like the king/queen you are. You are very likely to experience great energy boost, great attitude, mood, and confidence.

A while back I watched an interview where the interviewee said what sells them is they are a walking CV. I wish I could remember who this person was (if this sounds familiar please remind me) because that statement there should be inspiration enough to ensure you always look the part.

Look like the message you are trying to send out to the world. Most people will treat you based on the first judgment they make of you, which again is based on how you look, later on how you talk, and then how you think.

If you dress in a careless, untidy fashion, it is very easy to be outrightly ignored and considered generally careless by people who you would have otherwise made very good connections with.

People want to be friends with those they showing a level or responsibility and concern. This responsibility and concern show in how you present yourself.

A friend of mine usually says she has to look good because she doesn’t know who she might meet, or what effect her looking amazing might have on another person.

This is a good way of keeping yourself motivated to try your best and dress up. You could find other ways to make you want to make the effort every day.

Like maybe because you are happy, because you want to have a lovely day because you wish yourself luck, or simply because you want to!

It really doesn’t cost you much to put in a little more thought in being your own walking CV, especially if you are a young person hunting for opportunities!

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