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People With Dreadlocks Are Not Dirty! And Many Other Myths


If you ever say that people with dreadlocks are dirty in my presence I will pull your ears and twist your hair to form nice solid dreadlocks.

This is a myth that has been believed for too long, passed down generations. Maybe there are some or many people with dreadlocks who are actually dirty, but it should not be a blanket statement that covers all of us.

Here is what you need to know about people with dreadlocks;

  1. We actually shower. Just like you. Some of us shower twice a day, even in times of freezing cold like now. Some of us even shower more times than you people with bad undreadlocked hair.
  2. Our dreadlocks are washable, and they are frequently washed, and nowadays there are beautiful salons in many places entirely dedicated to cleaning and styling dreadlocks. So no, our hair is not dirty.
  3. Not all of us smoke weed. Just stop with the assumptions that we are crazy or ‘very intelligent’ because we ‘puff puff pass’ as a ritual in the morning before breakfast. We wake up, freshen up and have normal breakfast just like you. Without the weed.
  4. We are not all creatives. I don’t get why a person with dreadlocks is automatically assumed to be very creative and bright. Not all of us are artistic. There are dreadlocked guys who are actually doctors, technicians, engineers, teachers and in other less creative professions. We are not all reggae musicians and painters, and writers and poets. Some of our brothers even want to be politicians. See how diverse we are!
  5. Lastly, we don’t all love reggae music. The assumption that just because a girl/ man is sporting dreadlocks means you should play them some reggae music is baffling. Some of us listen to blues and RnB, love Justin Bieber, and sing along to the Kansoul. So when you see us at a party, cease from telling the DJ to play some ‘rasta music for de rasta man’. We want to listen to Akothee.
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