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10 Types Of People You’re Likely To Meet Online in Kenya


The world has moved online, transformed into a global village where people in distant parts of the world are able to easily communicate with one another.

Most of these people we follow on social media and interact with are strangers, people whose personality and lives we judge from their activities on the Interwebs.

Here are types of people you have probably already met or very likely to meet online;

1. The political analyst

This person has a vast knowledge of the politics of every country and is quite philanthropic with this information.

In addition to constantly writing long posts on politics this and that, this person is probably well connected to a few politicians in the country, and once in a while will also post photos of themselves with a particular politician ‘friend’.

He is a person to go to for any questions about the constitution, parliament business, and informative opinion pieces on the political status of the country.

2. The couple in Love

We always know where they are, what they are doing, where they will be tomorrow, the type of restaurants they dine at, and of course how much they love each other because they are constantly updating us!

The Internet lovers keep us in the know every step of the way, practically making us a ’member’ of their relationship.

If in case they break up, count on them to deliver a timely update to the ‘fam’, which of course is made of you and me.

3.The critic

This person complains about and criticizes everything.

Why are people constantly online, don’t you have lives? Why is food so pricey at X? Why do I have so many haters?

Why are boys/girls in boxing me, don’t you know I am not interested?

Why are people rushing to buy things on offer at Store X, don’t you know cheap is expensive?

Why is blogger X writing only about politics, does he not have anything else to write about?

This person will literally wear you down, and the best thing to do when the negative vibe has become too much is to hit the BLOCK button!

4. The fashionista

They never go wrong!

Always looking dazzling in outfits so well put together you long to be the photographer that took the photos.

The fashionistas are always a breath of fresh air, with their professionally done photos bringing colour and life to your timeline on a boring day.

The fashionistas also usually own a blog where they post more photos of the outfits they are rocking, under the popular hashtag #OOTD.

5. The blogger

S/he most probably runs a lifestyle blog. Eighty percent of their friends also happen to be bloggers, so once you meet this be sure to be served blog posts from him and his clique.

The blogger is usually easy, laid-back, and with a good sense of humor.

6. The stalker

They like all your posts, even those posted way back in 2009.

They rarely comment on anyone’s updates, but you will know they are present and they saw by the numerous likes and double taps and retweets.

The stalker holds so much information on you, probably the most dangerous person you will meet online because you never know when they will use something you said in 2010 against you.

7. The philanthropist

You know they are because they always share every good they do for the society with you.

The philanthropist usually stays away from social media dramas, preferring only to engage himself/herself with people doing similar activities to his; giving back to the society.

8. The foodie

You will know them by the numerous types of food they indulge in.

Whether they are eating out or at home, the foodie is always sure to let you know which foods are really great at which restaurants, and at which ones will disappoint you.

The foodie seems to be constantly on the road to find more about food, but they are harmless creatures, unless when hungry.

9. The flirt

S/he hits on every beautiful/handsome creature on the timeline.

They have a great choice of words that if you didn’t know they are just flirting, would sweep you off your feet.

10. The religious shepherd

These ones are the shepherds of the lost sheep, usually talking about the goodness of the one they serve, with words of encouragement to all who are lost and seeking the truth.

The religious usually means well, seldom involve themselves in fights and wrangle, usually the voice of reason and peace.

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