Pregnant Woman Sets Herself on Fire After Quarrel with Husband


    naksNakuru residents were left shocked after a 27-year-old woman attempted to take her own life after a disagreement with her husband.

    Cynthia Njoki set herself ablaze in her house at Langa Langa estate using Kerosene after her husband failed to explain where he spent Saturday night.

    She was admitted to Rift Valley Provincial General Hospital

    A neighbor, Mary Wambui, said Njoki suspected that her husband was having an illicit affair with an estranged lover.

    From her hospital bed, Njoki said that she tried to burn herself out of anger.

    “When he came back on Sunday evening, he picked a quarrel after I asked him where he had been. I was angry and decided to end my life by burning myself,” she said as quoted by The Star.

    Jennifer Mathenge, a nurse at the facility, said the patient was received at around 8 pm on Sunday night in critical condition.

    “She sustained 45 per cent burns on her hands, abdomen, thighs and face. She had breathing problems after inhaling fumes that affected her airway,” the nurse said.

    Mathenge said tests on the fetus revealed an irregular heartbeat.

    Mary Wangui, Njoki’s mother, said prior to the incident, Njoki had shared with her the problems she was going through due to the alleged promiscuity.

    She said she asked the husband what transpired but that he did not give a clear explanation.

    He claimed to have received a phone call from a woman whom Njoki suspected was his lover.

    Source: Nairobi Wire