Here Is The President’s Photo That Got Kiss FM Ladies Salivating!

4 years ago

It is no longer men who constitute of #TeamMafisi, ladies have joined the team! Popularly referred to as Fisilets, ladies are confidently and publicly declaring their (not) secret desires for men.

The latest celebrities to join this charade is none other than Kiss FM’s girls, Caroline Mutoko, Adelle Onyango and Lynda Nyangweso.

These ladies are in love with the President’s shoes(or maybe more?), confessions that were sparked off by Caroline Mutoko who wrote;

Caroline Mutoko@CarolineMutoko @ADELLEO Did you see this? Uhuru’s Shoe game is fierce

To which Adelle Onyango replied;

Adelle Onyango ‏@ADELLEO  Yes ma’am!!! Or to use @kamz26‘s fave words – on fleek!

Caroline went on to admit her love for men in uniform, in reference to the president’s photo. She wrote;

Caroline Mutoko ‏@CarolineMutoko   @ADELLEO True. Between you & me…I like me a man in uniform

Lynda Nyangweso quickly jumped onto the thread, suggesting to the girls that they need to meet, sip some wine, and most importantly, ‘stare’.

Well, let me sip my coffee as I also ‘kula kwa macho’ Kamwana’s boots. They sure do look good. It’s no secret!



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