Samsung Galaxy S8 is a winner but it comes with one annoying design flaw


    Samsung Galaxy S8 is of one of the most beautiful handsets ever created.

    It’s a winner when it comes to its performance, battery life, wireless charging technology, and the IP68 water resistance technology.

    That’s not all: the design will leave most of us with permanent heart eyes.

    Its carefully designed curved screen earns it’s a position as the best-looking handset so far.

    In short, the handset does not need a shout out to be noticed. It is one of the finest handsets in 2017.

    But there is a problem:

    Samsung has erred by placing the fingerprint sensor next to the rear camera.

    The awkward placement of the fingerprint sensor could leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.

    Samsung missed a mark in an effort to make room for a larger display.

    The fingerprint sensor had to find a new home. And the decision was made.

    What’s with all the fuss?

    To cut the long rant short, the fingerprint sensor was placed just next to the 12MP camera.

    One of the most annoying things about this is that the camera lens will get smudged by your finger each time you miss to touch the sensor instead.

    The fact is that you will miss severally. And this can mean blurry photos. No one wants that.

    Also, reaching the scanner will not be easy for everyone. This will especially be annoying for people with dwarf fingers.

    This seems like an overreaction especially given an earlier admission that this is Samsung’s best creation so far. It is not.

    When it comes to smartphones, the overall user experience matters a lot. Also, it could have been understandable if this flaw was in one of Samsung’s midrange handsets such as A3 or A5.

    Samsung Galaxy S8 is a premium handset that has a high price tag; hence, Samsung did not have to compromise on a small detail that changes a lot.

    Also, this is 2017 and if smartphone manufacturers want to create an impression, they have to get things right. All details have to be great at every touch point.

    Every single one of them.

    Galaxy S8 is a chance for Samsung to get in customers’ good graces and an opportunity to retain its position as a top Android brand.

    Samsung scored a 95% and since it is a human creation, something had to be off. Albeit small.

    There’s always something that makes us think ‘what if’ and that’s allowed.

    Didn’t Samsung foresee this?

    Probably not. If the Seoul-based manufacturer did, it could not foresee the expected reaction. It could have been a compromise that the company was willing to live with.

    However, the company could also have assumed that the presence of other sensors such as the facial and iris recognition sensors would make us overlook the awkwardly placed sensor.

    The problem is that these two do not support services such as Samsung Pay which only uses the fingerprint sensor to authenticate credit card transactions.

    Hopefully, Samsung will not repeat this mistake with subsequent handsets.

    We can only hope that Samsung has heard our grievances.

    In the future, they can embed the fingerprint sensor in the display. That we will take.

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