Best Smartphones to Watch Out for in Kenya 2017


    Curious about the best smartphones to expect in 2017? Yes?

    Techies are expecting bigger and better things from smartphone manufacturers in 2017.

    We can be almost confident that these expectations will be met.

    In the year 2017, we expect to see more smartphone manufacturers embracing advanced tools such as AR and VR technologies.

    So, what products can we expect from different smartphone manufacturers in 2017

    1. Apple –  iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus

    Apple Inc. did a terrific job with iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; hence, we expect upgraded versions in 2017.

    If you are an Apple loyalists or would like to try Apple smartphones in 2017, iPhone 8 and 8plus would be a good choice as these are expected to be among the finest smartphones in 2017.

    Rumor has it that the company may be unveiling a smartphone with a glass body, wireless charging, and biometric recognition.

    Rumors about the wireless charging capability feature have been circulating for quite some time now, so I wouldn’t take it and run with it.

    These handsets are expected to be introduced to the market towards the end of 2017.

    2. Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy 8 Plus

    Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge were hands down the best contribution that Samsung Mobile made in 2016.

    Samsung Galaxy S8 is likely to be one among the best Samsung smartphones in 2017.

    The company has hinted that it will launch a handset with a virtual personal assistant and an iris scanner; hence, we can only hope that S8 and 8Plus feature such superior specs.

    These are definitely ambitious concepts and would be very much welcome.

    3. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

    Note 8 would, perhaps, be the perfect handset to rehabilitate Samsung Electronics’ image after the Note 7 fires and recalls.

    Should Samsung choose to take this direction with the Note series, a lot of resources have to be set aside for marketing efforts.

    We can only predict that this handset will be among Samsung’s best handsets.

    Note 7 featured an Octa-core processor and 4GB RAM; hence, should Samsung unveil Note 8, we can expect it to have the same processing power or higher, a Deca-core, maybe? Whatever the case, customers expect a better and safer handset.

    4. HTC 11

    We expect HTC to announce HTC 10’s successor in 2017. Rumor mills suggest that HTC 11 will feature very high-end specs including Snapdragon 830.

    This is expected to be among the best smartphones in 2017 in Kenya mostly because HTC 10 did leave a smile on our faces.

    5. OnePlus 4

    If you are among people marking the 2017 smartphone calendar, you should keep OnePlus in mind.

    If not yet, please include it since this is a brand that could shake the smartphone industry.

    OnePlus 3 came with great specs such as the 5.5-inch display, 1080 x 1920 resolution, 3000mA battery, and Quad-core 1.6GHz processor.

    We can only expect superior features from its next flagship. OnePlus 4 is likely to be the Chinese’s manufacturer’s big move in 2017.

    6. LG G6

    The iris scanner is perhaps one of the most interesting rumors circulating about the soon to be launched LG G6.

    We predict that LG will not incorporate its signature modular design and instead, it will adopt a glass for the front and rear.

    This should be interesting since LG handsets have almost rocked the same design since time immemorial. Another speculation is that the handset will feature a 4K screen resolution.

    It will also be interesting if the company incorporates the waterproof technology.

    7. Nokia Android Smartphone

    Nokia ruled the airwaves for several years; it was the model that everyone hoped to acquire. Things took a different twist when other manufacturers penetrated the market.

    Well, all is not lost for Nokia as it is expected to launch an Android smartphone in 2017.

    Perhaps Nokia 6 featuring a 5.5-inch display, 4GB RAM, and 3000mAh battery? We will know soon.

    This should be one of the best smartphones in 2017 especially because the Nokia brand is trying to earn its rightful place in a competitive market.

    8. Sony Xperia X2

    I am pretty sure that something new and exciting is cooking in Sony’s kitchen.

    This company produced some okay handsets in 2016; hence, we can only hope that it will be among companies producing the best smartphones in 2017.

    To be honest, I have not been feeling Sony since it released the Z-series into the market; hence, I look forward to a deserving replacement.

    The Xperia X-series looks promising. Sony Xperia X2 may be the company’s best new smartphone in 2017 and will place the giant manufacturer on the map in the handset category.

    9. Xiaomi Mi6

    Xiaomi Inc. is turning out to be one of the best upcoming mobile manufacturers. In 2017, we expect this company to produce some pretty awesome handsets.

    Xiaomi Mi6 will be a worthy successor to Xiaomi Mi5.

    Initially, the company was expected to make an announcement at the 2017 Mobile World Congress but I guess the decision has been reversed.

    That’s probably a good idea since the event attracts a lot of fanfare that may overshadow the announcement.

    10. Microsoft Surface Phone

    This handset may be launched in April 2017. Its’ key selling points are expected to be security and productivity features.

    Microsoft will have no problem producing a smartphone that is a compelling alternative to laptops, tabs, and desktops. We expect the company to incorporate the Continuum feature in Windows 10.

    We cannot say for sure that this handset will be launched especially following past rumors on its launch date and the sale of numerous phone patents.

    Regardless, Surface Phone could be the ultimate smartphone.

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