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Vaida Omwana Inyanya official video, English Lyrics


Vaida Omwana Inyanya official video



Vaida Omwana Inyanya English Lyrics

usule (Ooooh…)

Uninde najitse
(Mwaaaa… Mwaaaa…)

(Vaida) Vaida
Omwana Inyanya
Omwana Mabhere
Omwana Indumbu

Mundu ara okukata
Mundu ara okhupanga
Mundu ara okhubwabwa

Numisa khupa esimu
(I swear…)
Unange khue bhindu
(I swear…)

Numisa khupa esimu
(I love you…)
Unange khue bhindu
(I love you…)

Manyile ndkhulekha mwitala
na maparo kanyasingia

Manyile ndkhulekha mwitala
na matemo kanyasingia

Numisa khupa esimu
(I swear…)
Unange khue bhindu
(I swear…)

I love you… x2
I swear… x2

Vaida Omwana Inyanya Song Meaning in English

Apart from the obvious beautiful sound in beat, rhythm and melody that Harry Richie elicits in this hit song, he also tackles an interesting theme in his lyricism: long distance relationships/marriage.

Harry takes the persona of a village boy who’s recently married and migrated to the city to seek employment. He starts off by describing his new wife’s sumptuous beauty: omwana inyanya = tomato-like baby (exceptionally beautiful), omwana mabele = milk-like baby (light-complexion), “indumbu baby” (strong and curvy) – the calf muscle translation kills the vibe. He tells her how she’s effortlessly fine with smooth skin.

He then asks her to take care of herself and be careful about greedy guys who might want a piece of her. He asks her to wait for him as he’ll be there shortly.

He warns her of people who’ll try to hoodwink her.

He tells her in the chorus that if she misses him she should call him on the phone so that he goes to take care of her.

“Numisa khup’esimu unange khuhe bindu” (if you miss me, call me on the phone, I’ll come give you things)

He adds that he knows that leaving her in the village exposes her to stress and temptations.

He then reminds her to call him if she misses him.

Harry then tells the girl about the bad habits of his relatives – like the mother quarrels a lot while his father easily gets angry. He thus requests the girl to be patient with them for the sake of their marriage and he’ll reward her with a cow.

He goes ahead to address his mother asking her to take care of his girl and not to give her heavy duties as he intends to make relatives (babies) with her.

He then reiterates to the girl to be careful about womanisers in the village and boda boda men and not to fall into their traps.

Translated meaning of chorus
Vaida omwana inyanya (Vaida, tomato-like baby – exceptionally beautiful)
Omwana mabele (milk-like baby – light complexion girl)
Omwana indumbu (Calf muscle baby – curvy girl)

Enza mundu arakhakhukata (let no one lie to you)
Mundu arakhupanga (let no one hoodwink you)
Mundu arakhubwaba (let no one show you their nakedness)

Numisa khup’esimu (if you miss me call me on the phone)
Unange khuhe bindu (call me, I’ll come “give you things”)
Manyile ndakhulekha mwitala na maparo kanyasinga (I know I left you at the village home and it is stressful)
Manyile ndakhulekha mwitala na matemo kanyasinga (I know I left you at the village home and there are temptations)
Numisa khup’esimu unange khuhe bindu (If you miss me, call me on the phone, I’ll come to “give you things”).

I hope that’s enjoyable.

This song is in Lunyore (the language of the Banyore people of the Luhya tribe). My mum is Mnyore. My dad is Mwidakho (of Idakho)

Isukuti, the main music set in this hit is done differently among the Banyore and Maragoli. They fuse in the guitar which gives it a different feel. In Kakamega (among the Idakho and Isukha where Isukuti originates) they don’t play it alongside the guitar. However, the Isukuti beat is the same for both ensembles.

For comparison, you can listen to this song and Sila wa Sila songs (from Bunyore) and juxtapose them with any Isukuti beats on YouTube.

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