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Social Media Skills You Should Be Equipped With For Jobs in 2017 in Kenya


This article will focus on social media skills you should be equipped with for jobs in 2017 in Kenya.

Looking for a job this year?

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To be able to attract clients who are looking for a social media manager, here are skills you should be equipped with;

1. Social Media Analytics Manager

As an analytics manager, your job is to study and give feedback on how the accounts are doing.

You are in charge of monitoring user feedback, and give reports on whether the employed strategies are working.

2. Social Media Strategist

As a strategist, your job is to come up with short and long-term solutions to improving user feedback.

This, of course, is done after going through the reports prepared by the analytics manager.
Digital/Social Media Producer

A social media producer is in charge of ensuring all activities on all sites are up and running.

In this capacity, you are also in charge of monitoring and producing content.

3. Social Media Content Developer

You are tasked with the job of drafting articles and phrases that will be used across the social media platforms.

This role also requires you to ensure texts, videos and photos are produced in time and scheduled for dissemination to the consumers.

You are also in charge of responding to user feedback.

4. Social Media Campaign Manager

A campaign manager is tasked with carrying out a successful social media campaign.

After the campaign’s timeline is set, you are expected to get together a team that will be in charge of different roles, do a survey of social media trends, target markets, produce content, and lastly draw up a report on achievements and challenges, and of course solutions to the challenges.

5. Account Executives

A social media executive bears roles played by the analytics manager, strategist, and content producer.

This is an umbrella title, under which you are tasked with roles to ensuring the social media pages are up and running, set goals met, feedback monitored, reports done and recommendations done, etc.

With this role, you are the manager, the analyst, the producer; the person in charge.

The Internet has changed how business is done, and many more companies are looking for social media managers.

Skills in the above categories will definitely land you a job in Kenya today, and even better, help you stand out in job applications in any profession.

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