Someone Has Made a ‘Shocking’ Discovery About Uhuru’s Silk Shirts

4 years ago

Remember when we told you about President Uhuru’s favorite shirt? Someone has made a curious discovery about his preference for silk shirts.

So far, the President has been spotted in at least three variations of the silk shirt. His favorite is by far the one with red and silver printed flowers.

In the early months of his presidency, he occasionally wore this blue one, but after people started asking whether Kibaki forgot it in State House, he was not spotted in it again.

Yesterday, Uhuru accompanied by several Nairobi politicians made their way to Kenyatta Market where they ate Nyama Choma at ‘Hayi Hayi Butchery’. He had worn another silk shirt, this time a black and silver one.

Twitter user @erastu_ then made the connection. Apparently, Uhuru likes wearing these silk shirts when he’s doing ‘poor people stuff’.


Well, nothing more to add.

Source: Nairobi Wire




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