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    New Teachers Pay Rise July 2018

    186,744 teachers are set to receive higher salaries from July this year as part of the implementation of the Second Phase of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) signed between their unions and the Teachers Service Commission.
    The beneficiaries who are mostly serving at primary schools are keeping their fingers crossed awaiting the approval of Shs18 billion Budget presented by their employer before Parliament that will pave way for the access of the enhanced pay.
    Those to benefit are on the lowest grades of the teaching service at Job Groups H (128,047 teachers), J (15,140 teachers) and K (43,557 teachers), whose pay package was spread for two years under the negotiated salaries while those in higher Job Groups will have their salaries cleared in a four year cycle.

    A detailed budget proposal of Shs18 billion tabled before the National Assembly Education Committee and seen by Education News indicates that part of these monies will be utilized in the implementation of the Shs54 billion CBA that will run for a period of four years (2017-2021).

    Under the new deal, primary teachers at Grade B5 (formerly Job Group ‘H’) who are currently drawing Shs19,224 monthly will earn Shs21,756 from July this year. This cadre of teachers can progressively draw up to a maximum of Shs27,195 in basic salaries within this pay bracket.

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    Those teachers at Grade C1 (formerly Job Group ‘J’) who take home Shs25,929 currently will be happy to receive Shs27,195 in basic salaries in July this year. These group of tutors can earn up to a ceiling of Shs33,994 progressively over the years.
    On the other hand, their counterparts at Grade C2 (formerly Job Group K) who currently receive Shs32,988 will have their pockets improved to earn Shs34,955 this July. The educators under this category can earn up to a maximum of Shs43,694.
    This means that teachers in higher Job Groups will be ineligible for higher pay this July but would be getting a handsome reward in the last two phases of the CBA.

    TSC Salary Scale: Teachers New Salary and Allowances in Kenya

    Speaking before the Committee, TSC Chief Executive Officer, Nancy Macharia reiterated that the implementation of the CBA that would benefit all the 312,060 teachers under its employment was a priority and asked the legislators to push for the approval of the funds as this would assure industrial peace within the teaching service.

    In the Estimates presented before the Committee Chairman, Julius Melly, TSC is requesting for Shs16 billion to cater for the recruitment of 68,000 intern teachers as a stop-gap measure in plugging the rising shortfall of tutors in public institutions.
    The TSC also sought Shs5 billion to recruit 12,000 teachers to address the present shortage and another Shs3.6 billion to hire another 5,476 to take care of additional learners arising from the 100% pupil transition to secondary school.
    The Commission revealed that they have a shortage of 40,972 teachers in primary schools and 63,849 in secondary schools totalling a deficit of 104,000 teachers in public schools.

    The Commission announced the elongation of salary scales for tutors in Teacher-Scale 13, T-Scale 12 and T-Scale 9 and effectively revised Hardship, Commuter and Annual Leave allowances.
    In a Circular (TSC/ADM/192A/VOL.IX) dated December 18th, 2017 addressed to County Directors, Heads of educational institution and chairmen of Headteachers associations, the TSC boss states that Principals and Deputy Principals II who are in Grade D3 (T-Scale 13 – Job Group ‘M’ to ‘N’) effective July 1st, 2017 will earn Shs59, 286 at minimum rising to a maximum of Shs83, 717 which is a new scale. Previously, their maximum was Shs77, 840. However, inclusive Responsibility allowance this cadre of teacher will pocket in the range of Shs104, 644 (minimum) and Shs125, 573 (maximum).
    Grade D3 draws Principals of Sub-county Boarding schools, Principals of Sub-county Day school, and Deputy Principals of Extra-county schools.

    Deputy Principals III and Senior Master I who are in Grade D2 (T-Scale 12 – Job Group ‘N’) backdated from July 1st, 2017 will earn Shs59, 286 at minimum shooting to a maximum of Shs80, 242 which is a new scale. Previously, their maximum was Shs77, 840. However, inclusive Responsibility allowance, this group of teachers will pocket between Shs91, 041 and Shs109, 249 per month.

    Grade D2 comprises of Deputy Principals of National schools, and Deputy Principals of Sub-county Boarding schools.
    Senior Master IV, Senior Lecturer IV and Deputy Head Teacher II in Grade C4 (T-Scale 9 – Job Group ‘G’, ‘H’, ‘J’, ‘K’ and ‘L’) backdated from July 1st, 2017 will pocket Shs26,610, rising to a maximum of Shs46,912 which a new scale. Previously, their maximum was Shs47, 896.

    States TSC Secretary/Chief Executive in a circular copied to Chief of Staff and Head of Public service, Dr Joseph Kinyua, former Attorney-General, Githu Muigai, Cabinet Secretary for National Treasury, Henry Rotich, former Cabinet Secretary for Education, Dr Fred Matiang’i and KNUT Secretary-General, Wilson Sossion: “Reference is made to Circular 18/2017; Ref: TSC/ADM/192A/VOL.IX/20 dated July 28th, 2017 on matters regarding implementation of phase one of the CBA for the teachers, July 1st, 2017 to June 30th 2018.

    The elongation of salary scales follows the recent release of new salary matrix and grading system for teachers in the Public Service.

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