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The Millennials Are Saying, I Do!


Contrary to popular belief, people are actually getting married.

I know this because as I’m still trying to figure life out, a big number of my peers are living with their boyfriends, cum husbands, and they are having babies.

Cute little munchkins whose photos bombard my social media timeline every two hours. I like and double tap.

I am happy for them. At the back of my mind though, I wonder how are doing it.

No, not the having of babies(of course we know how that happens), but the decision to settle down, build a family, and enter into a whole new world of babies and husbands and women groups and chamas and responsibilities and mummy where are my socks and babe where’s my tie.

How do they do it?

I am here trying to figure out if I should be applying for an internship. Or just state I want the job because I believe I can deliver.

Or I have good track record and I also want to have my own house so I can stop feeling guilty after eating all the junk food in my sister’s fridge.

Or I also want to be a musician but I just want to sing songs by my favorite artists and I wish they hadn’t sung that song so I could sing it first.

Oh dear.

How do you do it?

When did you guys adult and become so responsible? Some of you have been my friends and I remember as we lay out our 5-year goals babies and husbands didn’t feature.

But here we are! You lied to me. Now I’m left here all alone trying to figure out if I really want to shift to journalism or I should just stick to practicing PR.

You people lied to me!

Okay, fine. I’ll stop the ranting now. But you get my point. There is no saying the institution of marriage is dead. It is not.

We, the Millennials, who have been categorically labeled as the worst generation to ever exist, are reviving marriage. We are marrying, and getting married.

We are having babies, making homes for our young families, becoming responsible women and men in times where such is rare.

We are changing the narrative. You might not like us, but at least we are doing something many generations before us have struggled with; getting and staying married.

As you rant about more serious issues pressing the country like Josephine Kabura, we are saying, ‘I do’.

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