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Tough Times For Exam Thieves! Good Job CS Matiang’i!


Exams thieves across the country must be experiencing really tough times! Haha.

I can confidently say this now that I never stole exams, not because I am so good, but because I get into a terrible panic mode in an exam room which will make it very easy for the invigilator to catch me.

Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i was doing a patrol today in Murang’a County, and it happened that the principal of one of the schools refused to show up to pick papers for his students.

This is now a police case, the principal is being looked for to explain why he chose such a bad time to go MIA.

I look at the times we are in today, in terms of national examinations, and can only imagine how many people would not have been government sponsored students in campus today if Matiang’i had been education CS then.

Hey, I’m not judging, but we all know most of you people were not able to handle the courses you were called to do on campus because they were way beyond the fake ‘flying-color’ results you got in KCSE!

You cheat in exams, then apply for a course you don’t have the capacity for. Ridiculous.

I am eagerly waiting for KCSE 2016 results to be announced next year. For once,  we are going to have true, credible national exam results statistics in this country.

But the good news will be short-lived. Until the general elections start and we hear tales of people stealing and bribing voters.

Such a corrupt nation!

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