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    I think we can all agree that the TSC online services are Godsent.

    Today, the TSC registration process for new teachers is only a few clicks away via your smartphone.

    It is no longer a 3 or 4 hours journey in a Matatu carrying 145,888 passengers.

    Also, gone are days when teachers made meandering queues. All for simple services such making inquiries.

    How awesome is that?

    The purpose of this article is not to wear pompoms and start cheering the teachers’ commission.

    Now that the CBA has been signed, it is time to focus attention on other important things. Like the TSC registration process, TSC online payslips, TSC TPAD among others.

    Here are frequently asked TSC questions:

    The Roles of TSC

    In case you live under the assumption that TSC’s only role is to address salary issues (you can check teachers new salaries and allowances), you have been wrong.

    The commission is mandated to perform the following roles:

    • Register trained teachers
    • Recruit and employ registered teachers
    • Assign teachers employed by the commission for service in any public school or institution
    • Promote and transfer teachers
    • Exercise disciplinary control over teachers
    • Terminate the employment of teachers
    • Review the standards of education and training of persons entering the teaching service;
    • Review the demand for and supply of teachers
    • Advise the national government on matters relating to the teaching profession.

    The TSC Chairperson and Commissioners

    • Mbarak Twahir
    • Tache Bonsa Gollo
    • Kinoti Imanyara
    • Beatrice Marembo
    • Albert Andrew Fred Ekirapa
    • Cleopas Kiprop Tirop
    • Saadia Kontoma

    Mrs. Nancy Njeri Macharia serves as the commission secretary while Dr. Lydia N. Nzomo is the commission chairperson.

    The TSC Online Portal  

    The Teachers Service Commission website is a place where teachers (both existing and aspiring) and education stakeholders can access information about the commission, teachers, and the education sector.

    Thanks to this portal, teachers can access a plethora TSC online services including news updates.

    Teachers no longer have to visit TSC offices for information that falls under the mandate of this body.

    Yu can visit the TSC portal today via https://www.tsc.go.ke/

    Below are Important TSC Online Services:

    1. Registration of New Teachers

    Perhaps, this is one of the most convenient TSC online services.

    The commission is mandated to register all qualified teachers before they can teach in any institution.

    The application process is done online. The good news is that there is a user guide for those who get stuck.

    Requirements for registration are as follow:

    You are required to scan and upload the following documents:

    • Certified copies of academic certificates
    • National ID
    • Passport photo size
    • Non-Kenyans are required to upload a work permit

    The registration is not free. Nothing is today anyway.

    You are required to deposit Ksh. 550 through direct or Simple Banking.

    Bank Name: National Bank 0f Kenya – Harambee Avenue Branch, Nairobi

    Account Name: Teachers Service Commission – Teachers Registration Fees

    Account Number: 01001000905001

    Or via M-PESA:

    Business Number – 547700

    Account Number – 01001000905001

    Before proceeding with the application, ensure that you have a code generated by either of the payment methods.

    2. Teacher Vacancies or Advertised Posts

    The commission advertises available vacancies on its portal.

    Interested candidates are required to submit their application to the specific school as well as sub-county offices.

    Shortlisted candidates are then invited to appear before a recruitment panel.

    Those who emerge successful fill employment forms on the same day of the interview.

    3. TSC Payslip Registration

    Teachers can now access payslips via their mobile phones.

    To access your payslips, you need to create an account.

    Important details that are required are T.S.C Number, National ID number, KRA Tax PIN, Designation Code, Paystation code, and Bank Account number.

    Register via this link: https://payslip.tsc.go.ke/tregister.php

    4. Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD) or TSC TPAD

    TPAD allows teachers in primary and secondary schools to participate in evaluating their own performance and initiate their professional development.

    Visit http://tpad.tsc.go.ke:83/ for more information.


    With this information, hope your questions regarding TSC online services such as teacher appraisal, payslips, mandate, and vacancies have been answered.

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