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Types Of Men In Kenya You are Likely to Meet


Ever think about the types of guys you attract or meet?

It is safe to say men are generally the same everywhere, but the place a man has been raised determines his character and way of life.

When it comes to Kenyan men, the story is no different. Understanding the Kenyan man, especially when it comes to dating, only needs close interaction with one.

Let us break things down:

1. The Bear

This is the proud, aggressive and loud man. He is the know-it-all among his group of friends, boasts of having bagged the highest number of girls in town, and is probably still a bachelor, or divorced.

This Kenyan man is also well-off, or on his way there, with one or two baby mamas he never talks about.

A relationship with the bear usually leads to disappointment, as he will be quick to drop the current girl for the next hot lass he meets, in a bid to keep up with his status and (bad) reputation.

2. The Lion

This is the man wanted by every woman. He is well-off, courteous, gentle yet tough, the perfect guy.

He knows how to have his way with women without making them feel taken advantage of, quite the smooth operator. Unlike the bear, he is the king that doesn’t need to be introduced.

His aura alone tells of the strength and power he holds. In his friends’ company, this Kenyan man is usually the quiet one, laughing at jokes and eyeing his next prey.

As expected, fooled by the macho aura of the lion, the prey will most likely give herself freely to this predator.

3. The monkey

He is a funny man, the life of the party. He has many friends in town, very few enemies.

He is also most likely broke, still struggling to make his way up the cooperate ladder. He has had his fair share of relationships, thanks to his good demeanor and easy nature which naturally draws women towards him.

However, his relationships usually don’t last long, mainly because he is always on the rave, looking for fresh new experience, hanging out with friends, he is a free man.

the bonus about the monkey, however, is that he is very likely good in bed. Getting a Kenyan man who is good in bed is a gem.

4. The pig

Just like the animal that describes him, this man is slow, lazy and a wimp. He is probably jobless, lives in a tiny dirty dump(or in his mother’s house), drinks too often, and has few friends.

The sheep is a hard man to befriend and a worse one to date, as they have little knowledge of basic social etiquette.

They don’t know how to properly court a woman but will be quick to brag about how many women they keep shooing away from them, including that American woman who was looking to date a Kenyan man that they have in their lair.

Dating this Kenyan man, however, is a waste of time, as they make none or very little progress in life. This Kenyan man and marriage do not go together as no woman would marry a slouch.

5. The hyena

This Kenyan man could have traits of the bear, lion, monkey or sheep in him, but what sets him apart is his insatiable hunger for women.

He is always in the pursuit.

The hyena lives for no other purpose than to look for a woman they can lay. You will identify this man by how he looks at women as objects of pleasure.

He could be married but the number of mistresses he maintains is uncountable.

If he is still a bachelor, his neighbors stopped counting the number of women he brings home every chance he gets, which includes on Monday nights when the rest of the country is thinking about making money.

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