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The introduction of Uber in Nairobi, Kenya happened in January 2015, at a time when cab operators in the country were reaping fat profits from their clients. Uber, therefore, was a welcome relief.

This was made even better by the ease in accessing the Uber taxi services, using the Uber mobile App available in Google Play Store and Apple store.

The first step to ordering an Uber is downloading the Uber mobile App. This is available for iOs, Android, and Windows.

Once you have the App, you proceed to sign up with your details, which basically is your email and phone number, after which you can order your first ride!

Bonus Tip; Once you set up your account, you are automatically awarded an Uber Kenya promo code. With this code, you can invite your friends to also download the Uber App and use the cab services, and you get a free Uber ride in return. The catch is that your friends have to actually use the Uber Kenya Cab services, not just download the App, using your promo code.

Uber Kenya taxi driver jobs are easy to get, as all one needs is to have a car, and valid accompanying documents and you become an independent contractor.

An independent contractor with Uber gets the advantages of having flexible working hours, driving only during the times they feel most comfortable, and choosing which clients and particular locations they prefer to work with.

Uber takes 20 percent of total fare paid by clients, the driver/independent contractor keeps the rest.

Uber Kenya operations manager Kagure Wamuyu confirmed in a past interview with a local daily that to register as a driver with Uber Kenya, requirements include, for the driver and car owner; an ID, tax pin and a driver’s license, and for the car; a PSV license, PSV insurance, car tax pin, and a logbook to ensure the car is not stolen.  A vehicle inspection report is also necessary.

Uber Kenya Challenges

One of the challenges Uber Kenya faced at the start is the lack of sufficient knowledge in using the Uber App, especially by the drivers.

This was because, at that time, many of the drivers signing up had not used Android phones before. This is however no longer a major problem, as more drivers, and users, continue to be aware of how the App works.

Stiff competition in the Kenyan taxi industry is also a challenge. More people are coming together to create Apps that offer the same services like Uber, like Little Cab and Easy Taxi, and additionally offering the same price range as Uber Kenya for rides.

Uber Kenya charges per time and distance. It is SH.60 a kilometer and SH.4 a minute.

Uber Kenya has intentions of expanding into cities and towns outside Nairobi, with last year having launched their services in Mombasa town.

Uber Kenya Contacts

Uber Kenya can be reached on their Facebook page and their email address [email protected].

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7 years ago

what kind of cars are you accepting in 2017

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Good dear.. for enquiry. .I want to drive ubar in kenya. .how can I do the processing because I lice in Nigeria and I want to relocat to kenya

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