Uber Kenya Updates its App: What You Should Know


    Uber Kenya has updated its ehailing app. The updates are part of the company’s effort to improve user experience through simpler app interactions.

    One of the most notable upgrades is the inclusion of a “where to” feature. This function will be an important part of user experience and Uber hopes that it will save time by automatically alerting users about their current location.

    This also comes with an upfront pricing feature that will inform users about the service fee beforehand. With this feature, a user is expected to feed the app with their pickup and drop off point to automatically get the upfront fares.

    The company says that upfront fares are calculated by considering several factors including expected time, distance, traffic conditions, and the availability of services/driver partners.

    Once a user arrives at his or her destination, they are issued with a receipt reflecting the upfront fare. What if my boss calls midway and I am forced to make a stop? Uber has got you covered as well.

    In this case, fares will be calculated using the original time and distance rates.

    The company management says that since part of its philosophy is to offer its customers a seamless experience, it will continue to reinvent itself.

    Before you get too excited about the new features, note that surge pricing still applies. Fares will still increase from time to time. Users have to approve the cost in advance before requesting a ride.

    Uber has over time surprised its customers. In 2016, the company introduced UberFORALL and UberEVENTS. UberEVENTS ensures your guests get to your party or event on time.

    UberFORALL is a loyalty program that seeks to reward customers, fans, and followers on Twitter every Wednesday. The hashtag for this is #UberFOALL. The food department has also been considered.

    Snaptchat Filters

    The updates feature also comes with Uber Snapchat filters. This allows riders to unlock custom Uber filters as they enjoy Uber rides.

    This feature targets the younger tech savvy generation-That’s nifty because I really don’t see a 49-year old taking interest in such.

    The Uber Snapchat integration allows Uber riders to send photos with custom features to their family or friends. According to Uber, this will save you the hustle of having to toggle between apps to access Snapchat.

    These filters will give your friend access to information such as where you are going and your estimated ETA. FYI, ETA stands for Estimates Time of Arrival.

    In case you are wondering. This function is not automatic since the user has to allow the app to share such information. The feature works with contacts in the users’ phonebook.

    The ehailing company has faced competition since it was launched in Kenya; hence, the upgrades are likely to prompt key competitors such as Safaricom’s Little Cab to revamp their ehailing apps.

    It would not be shocking to learn that Safaricom is in the kitchen cooking something new and exciting for its riders.

    It’s 2017 and we can only expect bigger, better and exciting things from other key players in the ehailing industry. We can all agree that Uber’s upfront pricing is a welcome development.

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