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uberBODA in Nairobi: App Download, How to Order Boda boda


Uber has launched uberBODA in Nairobi Kenya, five months after it began operations in Kampala, Uganda in a move expected to provide residents of Nairobi a quick commute from one place to another on a Boda-Boda motorcycle by using the Uber app.

UberBoda will directly compete with  TaxifyBoda which launched in Kenya in March this year and other services such GetBoda, VutaRide, SafeBoda, BusyBoda among others.

Beating the Nairobi traffic and arriving at your destination for less has never been easier!

uberBODA  in Nairobi will provide an even more convenient and affordable option for you to get around the city to meet it’s  unique travel needs. uberBODA motorbike option gets you through Nairobi faster and for less.

uberBODA will exist alongside all other Uber products in the app and there is no need to download another app. As with other Uber vehicle options, uberBODA arrives at your doorstep at the tap of a button, all without bargaining with the drivers, only pay what you see in the app.

With lower vehicle operational costs, the fares on uberBODA can be lower without affected the drivers’ earnings. UberBODA fares at launch will be as follow:

  • Minimum fare – Ksh60
  • Base fare – Ksh55
  • Per Kilometre – Ksh14
  • Per Minute – Ksh1

What should you expect on uberBODA?


Instead of walking to find your boda ride, you can simply open the app, request uberBODA and a boda ride will be at your doorstep in minutes.


No more haggling each time you hop onto a boda. Once you enter your destination in the app, we’ll show you the fare estimate before starting your trip. You can always check your receipt for the fare breakdown in your Uber app at the end of the trip.


Ride uberBODA with peace of mind thanks to the features in place to ensure your safety.

All passengers will enjoy additional insurance cover while on any uberBODA trip requested through the app.

Every driver-partner will be equipped with a safety jacket and 2 helmets.

Your driver-partner details, rating and vehicle registration will be visible to you before starting the trip. Confirm that the vehicle registration on the app matches the details in the app before the trip.

Share your uberBODA trip with family and friends and let them know where you are all through your trip until you arrive

Your uberBODA driver-partner has 24-hour access to an SGA security hotline in the event of an incident.


Driver-partners must successfully complete a background check, hold a valid driving licence and have third party insurance before they can drive on uberBODA

Whether you’re headed to an early morning meeting, looking to beat Nairobi traffic or meeting with friends, you can count on uberBODA to get you there on time!

Souce: Uber.com

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Titus mutua peter
Titus mutua peter
3 years ago

Want to join uberboda