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Most Watched TV Shows In Kenya 2020


Television stations in Kenya are constantly trying to have the highest number of TV ratings.

This means that they are constantly in search of fresh interesting content to keep the viewers glued.

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Which TV shows win? Here are the most watched TV shows in Kenya in 2020.

1. Blaze Be Your Own Boss Reality Show

Blaze is a new reality show that targets youth in Kenya with an entrepreneurial mind.

This show gives a platform for selected contestants to pitch their ideas and convince three judges that they qualify for the next level of the show.

The last level will see the winning contestant walk away with 5 million Kenya shillings. Blaze premiered On Monday 30

Blaze premiered On Monday 30th January 2017 and with all the noise it has generated so far, it definitely gives host station KTN the best TV ratings in Kenya 2017, every Monday night.

2. The Trend

Larry Madowo’s The Trend continues to be the most-watched show on TV on Friday nights.

This is probably because most youths, who make up the population of people who watch a lot of TV, resonate well with the subjects and guests on the show.

The first half of The Trend runs from 8-9PM, breaks for the 9 PM news before resuming till 10 PM.

In addition to bringing in fun, young and trending guests on the show, Larry Madowo also engages his colleagues in discussing interesting issues that have been trending the entire week, with one of his usual guests being Butita, who makes hilarious comments on every topic.

The show also features random funny videos ‘of the week’ that will leave viewers rolling on the floor with laughter.

3. Churchill Show

This award-winning Kenyan comedy show premiered on NTV in 2007, went on a short hiatus in 2009, before coming back bigger and better in 2013.

Churchill show is definitely the only show in East Africa that solely focuses on nurturing young talents, enabling youth to grow and benefit from what they can do best.

The show’s main host Churchill is himself a veteran comedian, having started out with Redyukulass back in the day when it was the hottest comedy show in Kenya, alongside Vioja Mahakamani and Vitimbi.

For the Kikuyu dialect comedy lovers, Kenyan comedian Machangi provided hilarious content on his YouTube channel through 2013 to 2014, with a single episode running for over an hour.

Kenyans and East Africans, in general, continue to trust Churchill Show to deliver rib cracking jokes that cover people of all ethnic backgrounds, races, and religions.

4. Nairobi Diaries

There are not so many Kenyan reality shows, so this easily cuts through to become the most watched reality TV show.

After Tusker Project Fame, Kenyans have never been so glued to a reality series as to make it trend at the number 1 on Twitter every time it airs.

Nairobi Diaries definitely has caught the country’s attention.

Nairobi Diaries features the lives of young Kenyan socialites, a taste of drama here and there, a love story, and too often, catfights among the girls.

This show airs every Monday night from 10-11PM, which means Kenyans literally stay up on a Monday night to watch the show! Interesting.

5. Real House helps of Kawangware

Real House helps of Kawangware is a Kenyan series that was initially a segment show of Hapa Kule News, before the producers saw potential in it and made it a full independent show.

Just like Mali TV series, Shuga, Makutano Junction etc., this show packs together real life situations, presented with a little pinch of comedy and drama.

Real House helps of Kawangware features the day-to-day lives of the house helps in Kenyan households, especially those who serve middle-class Kenyan families.

6. Crossover 101

The lovers of gospel music every Sunday have continued to show their love for Crossover 101.

Hosted by DJ Mo and Grace Ekirapa, the Christian gospel music show continues to attract thousands of viewership across the country every Sunday morning, featuring new music in the gospel industry.

The hosts also bring in personalities to share stories of triumph that provide motivation to the viewers.

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