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Ways To Prank People This Coming Fool’s Day


April Fool’s Day is here!

With less than 15 days to go, mean people are already hatching ways they will fool us on this day.

I remember last year a friend sent me a message saying she was in urgent need of airtime, and could I please send to her immediately she will refund later on in the day?

I did.

Then she texted, ‘Happy April Fool’s Day to you fool!’ I wasn’t even angry.

That experience taught me, and this year, I will be the one fooling people instead of them fooling me.

Here are ideas on how you can prank people this Fool’s Day;

1. Call a long-lost friend and talk about irrelevant stuff without pausing

This is how this works; Call a friend you haven’t talked to in ages, and act like you guys talk every day.

Start off the conversation on a high note, like you just talked a few minutes ago.

Stay jolly, hyped and don’t pause long enough to let her say full sentences that might allow space for questions.

Once satisfied that your prank has worked (judging by her response), tell her you missed her and thought a good Fool’s Day prank would be great to start off where you left!

2. Lift your mum’s favorite glass/cup and suddenly make as if to smash it on the wall

This is quite a risky one.

What we are trying to get here is the momentary shock on your mom’s face when she sees you raise her favorite mug like you want to smash it.

This prank has to be very brief, and perfect timing when she’s looking at you, otherwise if your mom’s African like mine you might get a good whooping.


Also, let her know it’s a prank immediately after the shock has registered on her face, just to save yourself.

3. Call your boyfriend/girlfriend and arrange a date, but with another person not them!

Dangerous waters to waddle in, right?

So, load some airtime on your phone, and call your girlfriend, talking like you are talking to another woman you are involved with (God forbid).

Say, your girlfriend is Tracy, call and start with, ‘Hi Anne, missed you already! What time are we meeting today, we could do dinner tonight.’

Then wait for Tracy’s response.

You could go on with this prank, all depends on how well you know your girlfriend.

If she can get really crazy, better tell her it’s a prank immediately she starts fuming over the phone.

4. Ask a friend for a soft loan, that you will definitely not refund

The old extremely annoying prank!

This is how this one works; Call or text a friend and ask for a soft loan (Don’t ask for too much that might get them not talking to you ever again).

Immediately you receive the money, wish them a happy April Fool’s Day J That’s it!

5. Pretend to be pregnant/or that your girlfriend is

This one will work on social media, and only if your friends do not expect you to be expectant at this time, or that your girlfriend would be.

Post a fake photo with a stomach bulge, and caption #Blessings #FirstBaby or something along those lines.

The prank doesn’t end until the day is over, then you can ‘unfool’ everyone who fell for your lie.

6. Surprise people you are flying out for a few years.

If you have a previous photo you had taken at an airport, it will be even better.

Otherwise, you could update your status, thanking your friends and family for supporting you, and that you are looking forward to exploiting greener pastures abroad!

Remember to add that you are leaving in a few hours!

The prank should run the entire day and only clarified when Fool’s Day is up!

Have any ideas on how we can prank people this coming April Fool’s Day? Feel free to share them with us!

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