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We Have Found Uhuru’s Favourite ‘Happy’ Shirt – PHOTOS


Someone has found President Uhuru’s favourite shirt.

Unlike suits which are more often three or four colours, shirts are easy to identify. A casual shirt with red and silver printed patterns seems to be the most liked by the head of state.

Here are some of the times Uhuru has been spotted wearing that shirt this year.

1. Commissioning of the Chemususu Dam and launching a Water Supply Distribution in Baringo County on March 16th.uk1

2. Celebration of termination of his ICC case at Afraha Stadium on April 16th.


3. Inspection of the Standard Gauge Railway project on May 28th.

4. And then on Monday at State House Nairobi.uk4



It seems like Uhuru and his predecessor Mwai Kibaki have a thing for shirts with such patterns. Remember this blue shirt that people believe Kibaki left behind at State House.


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