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“When Kenyans Were Still Doing ‘Mau Mau’ and Swinging from Trees, Nigerians Were in Oxford and Cambridge..” Nigerian Minister Says


femiKenya and Nigeria were once again engaged in a ‘Tweef’.

Zuckerberg’s visit to the two countries triggered the dick measuring, but it was just a matter of time anyway. The results were inconclusive last time and a round two was inevitable.

While it is expected that the debate should be left to the commoners, a former cabinet minister in Nigeria joined in.

Femi Fani-Kayode, a former Aviation minister in the oil rich country made some derogatory statements on Twitter, clearly unfit for a public figure.

He stated that Kenya is very far behind Nigeria in every aspect.

He also called Kenyans backward and cannibals.

“When Kenyan leaders were still doing “mau mau”, swinging from trees and eating one another ours were at Oxford and Cambridge university,” he said.

After the rebassing of GDPs in Africa, Nigeria came out on top and that only boosted their already exaggerated egos.

While the paper calculations show them to be the giants of Africa, the reality on the ground is very different, and it’s laughable to compare them to South Africa or Egypt.

Despite all the oil, human capital and PhDs from Oxford and Cambridge, Nigeria’ national budget for 2016 was almost the same amount as Kenya’s, a nation with a quarter its population.

Source: Nairobi Wire