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The Riverwood Awards 2017 List of Winners, Who Carried the Day?


The 2017 KFCB Riverwood Awards took place on March 11, 2017, at the Kenya Cultural Center.

The Riverwood Awards 2017  event gala feted the best directors and actors in television and film.

The event was organized by the Riverwood Ensemble and attended by the Kenyan film industry stakeholders.

The Riverwood Awards Show was founded by Mwaniki Mageria in 2014 with the aim of recognizing film producers and actors who tell real Kenyan stories.

This was the fourth edition of the award show and definitely a game changer since we saw new winners in the various categories.

Auntie Boss, a show that airs on NTV, had nine awards but only won one. Sandra Dacha who plays the role of Silprosa won the Best Supporting Actress award.

Keziah Mugure scooped the prestigious Best Actress award for her role in Kigorogoro. John Oron was named the best actor in Otoyo Mang’ang’a, a Luo comedy.

Another significant win has to be by Anubhav Garg who won the Best Actor for his role in Beyond.

This year’s award ceremony proved that women are creating a footprint in the Kenyan film industry.

Betty Kathungu-Furet who produced Kizingo and Njoki Muhoho who produced Mama Duka won top honors as producers of their respective shows.

 The Riverwood Awards 2017 Winners:

  1. Best Overall Actor-Anubhav Gard
  2. Best Supporting Actress-Sandra Docha
  3. Best Sound-Beyond by Kunjun Dholoka
  4. Lifetime Achievement Award-Raymond Ofula
  5. Best feature film- Kizingo
  6. Best TV series –Mama Duka
  7. Best lead actor in TV Series- John Oron
  8. Best Actress role in drama- Keziah Mugure
  9. Best Supporting Actor – Peter Mweu
  10. Best supporting actress – Sally Zilizala
  11. Best Animation award – Mark Kinuthia and Robert Ngugi
  12. Best Short Film – Seed
  13. Best director short Film – Violine Ogutu
  14. Best editing in a TV Series – Fred Odhiambo 
  15. Best Vernacular Movie Cama Wa Ruo
  16. Best Documentary Structures Of Hope
  17. Best TV Commercial Bonyeza *699#
  18. Best Animation Elimu Tales
  19. Best Vernacular TV Series  Haiyaiya
  20. Best Original Score Spensa

 Other Notable Attendees

Apart from the actors and film directors, there were other notable public figures.

The first has to be the talented media personality Amina Abdi hosted the show and as usual, she brought it.

She was elegantly dressed too. The music duo Amos and Josh entertained attendees with a moving performance.

Ezekiel Mutua, the Kenya Film Classification Board CEO was in attendance and he urged film creators to continue producing content that can sell globally.

Mr. Mutua urged film creators not to let foreign culture dictate their creativity.

The show may have been glamorous and full of surprises but there were notable awkward onstage moments that painted the winners in not so good light.

It was not a good picture at all. For instance, the nominees did not seem prepared to give acceptance speeches and they seemed to struggle to find the right words.

I mean, if you have been nominated, shouldn’t you have a little something prepared? Just in case.

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