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20 Before and After PHOTOS of Couples Who Lost Weight Together


Millions of people around the world struggle with their weight. A lot of research have been conducted on the best weight loss programs, the food to eat and what to avoid etc, but there still isn’t what can be called a magic formula.

Most weight problems are brought about by bad eating habit, often stretching years.

For majority, gaining pounds is easier than losing it. However, shedding pounds can be made a bit easier if your partner is also looking to shed too. That way, you can keep each other in check by ensuring you don’t sneak out for the occasional chocolate.

Here are some good examples of couples who lost weight together.

1. This couple refused to get married until they got in shape. They walked down the aisle 5 years later.


2. This couple lost a combine 60kg for their wedding


3. This Tennessee couple lost a combine 244kg


4. Inspiring transformationcouple4


5. Mark and his wife lost almost 95kg togethercouple5


6. This couple was named ‘Slimmers of the Year’ after losing a combined 139kgcouple6


7. Another inspiring weight losscouple7


8. Lost 226 kg over a period of 2 yearscouple8


9. This couple decided not to be fat and ugly anymorecouple9


10. Lost 84kg between them for their weddingcouple10


11. Lost 234kg between themcouple11


12. This couple lost 234kg between themcouple12


13. Another inspiring couple that lost a combine 147kg


14. Lost a combine 226kg in 2 yearscouple14


15. Shed 95kg between them by firstly selling off their car so they could walk morecouple15


16. Another inspiring couple that lost 149kg combine and got nicknamed ‘Thincredibles’


17. Obese couple Jo and Barry lost half their body weightcouple17


18. Lost 82kg between themcouple18


19. Lost a combine 95kg after death warnings from doctorscouple19


20. This Korean couple got incredibly fit in just five monthscouple20

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Source: Nairobi Wire