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5 Best Fax Apps for Mac


Several companies are switching from fax machines to online faxing services. These services are efficient and affordable to adapt faxing in the modern world. You can get a free fax number with these services to manage your faxes.

Fortunately, you can send faxes from Mac to decrease the expense of phone lines, modems, papers and a fax machine. To use a Mac, you will need a fax app. For your convenience, here are five best fax apps for Mac.

  1. CocoFax (Highly Recommended)

If you need the best fax app for Mac, CocoFax can be the best choice for you. With millions of satisfied users, CocoFax is serving numerous business organizations. It gets recognition from 9to5Mac, Business Insider, Mac World, The Verge, etc.

5 Best Fax Apps for Mac
5 Best Fax Apps for Mac

With this reputed and prominent brand, it will be easy for you to fax from Mac. Nowadays, you can manage to fax without a high-end machine, a phone line and compatible hardware with a Mac computer.

CocoFax is a reliable option to receive and send faxes directly from your Mac machine. Remember, the receiver will receive fax on his/her fax machine similar to a traditional method. CocoFax acts as a medium of communication between a fax machine and a Mac computer.

5 Best Fax Apps for Mac
5 Best Fax Apps for Mac

With this HIPAA compliant faxing system, you can manage your faxes without any security threat. If you want to share your confidential documents with others, CocoFax can be a reliable choice. It allows you to check your faxes as per your convenience.

Web App of CocoFax

You will get maximum freedom with CocoFax to send and receive faxes. There is no need to install an app to manage your faxes. Visit the official website of CocoFax, login to your account and access dashboard directly.

5 Best Fax Apps for Mac
5 Best Fax Apps for Mac

To sign up with CocoFax, you will need an email ID. After completing your registration process, you will be able to get a free trial period of 30 days and a fax number for free. You are allowed to choose your favorite fax number.

Email to Fax Technology

With email to fax technology, CocoFax allows you to receive and send faxes directly from an email client. Feel free to use a web browser or an email client on your Mac. This technology works really well.

After sending a fax, you will get a confirmation message for the successful transmission of faxes. CocoFax will convert your fax files into a PDF document.

  1. RingCentral

With this fax service, you can send and receive faxes from a Mac machine. It is suitable for every freelancer and growing business. There is no need to worry about expenses. You can enjoy affordable local and international faxing.

RingCentral is a flexible option with many offers. You can select a suitable package as per your needs. Feel free to choose a package to send almost 500 to 2500 faxes per month. After creating a free fax account, you will get a free fax number for nearly 30 days.

Users can get the advantage of 24/7 customer support. A special package is available to send unlimited faxes per month. It can be integrated with Dropbox and Outlook.

  1. Nextiva

Nextiva is a reliable faxing technology to use with VoIP phone, email marketing software and service CRM. To use this service, you will need a monthly subscription. It enables you to receive and send faxes via mobile devices or email.

It features a clean web interface with an impressive dashboard. With this dashboard, you can receive and send faxes. Feel free to select a suitable option through this online portal. Users can easily set up an account to receive and send faxes along with some other settings.

  1. FaxFresh

If you want an online fax service for occasional use, FaxFresh can be the right choice. You can get a desktop app to send faxes through Mac. It is better than several other apps that offer pay-as-you-go faxing services.

You can manage faxes without any sign-up procedure and subscription. It supports only PDF attachments. Install this app and use a small uploader to browse faxes that you want to upload in a PDF format.

  1. FaxDocument

It is an efficient means of faxing your documents to different countries. This app allows you to send faxes in 39 countries. Unlike other services, you have to purchase a package as per your need. Feel free to work without a monthly package. Mac app of this service allows you to buy almost 50 faxes for $29.99.


If you want to decrease your dependence on a fax machine and a phone line, you can use an online fax service. With the above mentioned five best fax services, it will be easy for you to send and receive faxes from your Mac.

CocoFax has the best features for a growing and established business. If you want this service for occasional use, you can choose FaxDocument. RingCentral is suitable for local fax communication.

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