5 Reasons that Make Women Walk out of a Relationships


    Relationships and love are nothing without a concrete definition. It lets go of boundaries, walls, and inhibitions. It is effortless in relationships it does require work.

    Unfortunately, when it isn’t an easy dance, the relationship ends disastrously. It’s in those moments that we ask, “What happened?”

    well here are a few reasons why most relationships don’t work out well.

    1. A woman may feel alone.

    A woman is moved by words. She needs to feel that she is understood, accepted, respected and supported. When she is sharing with her mate, it is because she needs to feel a connection with him.

    Women love those simple actions of love.Those small things that really seem small but matter most in a woman.Treat her right and she will stick to you.

    2.There is a significant life change

    When a woman feels that she is there a significant life change without the support and presence of her man in the relationship , she will let go of him.

    Women need to know they matter in a relationship and that their men acknowledge their effort in changing their lives.When a man is more keen in spending time any place but next to her, she will let him go.

    It might take time, but the longer she postpones it the worst it is in the end.

    3.They no longer feel sexy.

    Men are sexual creatures. When they want sex they are ready. A woman needs intimacy, love assurance and all that a woman needs.She needs to feel appreciated and that a man is appreciating her body.

    She struggles to make herself look good for her man and in return she needs the man to appreciate.

    4.Their man is not physically there

    Women tolerate a lot but having a man who cares more about being out and about is a definite no choice.

    Spending time with your woman will make he see you as a person who appreciates her and wants to be close to her.

    5. They don’t like someone who is predictable.

    Men fall into comfortable routines.They tend to relax and be comfy in their comfortable zones.

    Women don’t need a predictable man they love a mysterious man who will do something they like in their entire relationships.

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