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64Door Factory Ltd, Modern Door Factory Opens in Nairobi


A $2.4 M Most Modern Door Factory Opens In Nairobi

64Door Factory, a manufacturer of interior wooden doors today formally launched its investment in Kenya with opening of state of the art production facility in Nairobi worth $2.4 million. The company targets to provide high quality interior door sets and installation service to the building industry in East Africa. The launch further reinforces Kenya as a preferred foreign investment destination in the region.

64Door Factory Ltd Modern Door Factory Opens in Nairobi
64Door Factory Ltd Modern Door Factory Opens in Nairobi

64Door Factory has large stock of different doors at its factory facility in Nairobi which enables the company to provide service to individual builders as well as small and large-scale construction projects with short delivery and installation times. The factory has the capacity to produce over 50,000 doors annually.

The door factory comes at a time the GoK is aggressively fostering the Big 4 agenda: manufacturing, food security, universal healthcare and affordable housing. This project is timely and will buttress the twin pillars of housing and manufacturing. By manufacturing in the country, the company will facilitate technology transfer and human capital formation through skills transfer to local staff. The factory estimates to employ over 100 staff at full production who will be equipped with skills on latest technologies and best practices in woodworking.

Speaking at the launch, 64Door Factory Ltd. Director Mr. Nyamu Wanyoike said that the decision to set up operations in Nairobi was based on the current needs of the country. He further expressed his optimism about their long term partnership approach with Kenyan builders, suppliers, distributors, resellers, contractors and professionals, among other stakeholders, in the construction sector. “We will offer one stop shop solutions to our customers for their door requirements, a shift from the current market practices and we offer imported quality level, locally produced with pre and after sales support.” Mr.Nyamu concluded.

The project is a partnership of private investors from Kenya and European Union member Estonia. More than 52% of Estonian landmass is covered with forest and this enables Estonia to be a global leader in wood technology with a sophisticated timber industry which will serve as a source of world class technique and solutions for East-African market.

By investing in Kenya, the project aims to tap into the Eastern Africa market from its Kenyan base.

About 64Door Factory;

The journey of 64Door Factory commenced in 2016 with the connection of three wood industry professionals who met in Tanzania and together, they envisioned and developed 64Door Factory. The 64Door Factory product comprises of four lines (The PureLine, The SmoothLine, The OpenLine and The MatrixLine) that cover every segment of the construction industry. Each of the product lines have been designed to meet the specific needs of the respective segment, whether it is the affordable segment or the luxury segment. 64Door Factory has a local manufacturing facility and large stock of raw material, this enables the company to respond, develop, and deliver a solutions that meet the unique customer requirements on a ‘project-by project’ basis. Due to the company’s local presence it is possible to offer world class quality service to single house projects with need for  fewer doors or large projects requiring for hundreds  of doors.  www.64door.com.

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