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8 Dating Apps Any Kenyan Should Try


Looking for some cool dating apps?

Each one of us must have been in some dating situation at some point. Some have a longer list than others.

Dating apps for Kenyans are here to give you a different experience in dating. The only way you know what works for you is to try different things.

Technology has really changed how we do things. Remember the time when certain financial transactions could only be done in the banking hall?

If you are alive in 2017-well ( you must be since you are reading this) it only means that you are enjoying convenient and safer ways of completing various transactions.

Almost all.

When technology happened, our ways of doing virtually everything was revolutionized. This includes dating.

Online dating has become a preference for many because it is convenient and provides more options by attracting singles from different walks of life.

Below are top dating apps in Kenya:


Tinder is one of the best dating apps in Kenya. This dating app searches for people within your location.

You can sign up with your Facebook account and the app searches your existing social networking information to locate people in your neighborhood.

When you see the photo of a potential mate, you swipe rights while if you are not feeling him or her, you swipe left. Kind of callous, but yeah, that’s Tinder for you.

Date Kenyans

This dating app is for Kenyan Singles from different parts of the world. It connects Kenyan singles from all over the world.

You are made aware of the membership fees in the description section before signing up.

It offers subscription packages as follows: one month for $30, $85 for 3 months, $150 for 6 months, and $240 for one year.

Not sure how many Kenyans will pay but I am guessing those who are seriously searching do not mind parting with a few coins.

KenyanApp-Kenyan Chat

Unlike other dating apps in Kenya, KenyanApp-Kenyan Chat has created a niche for itself since it is an exclusive private chatting app for individuals and groups.

This app connects Kenyans from different parts of the world. This is an app for those who value online privacy.

OkCupid Dating

This dating app accommodates an international audience.

Kenyans can also enjoy free dating services or upgrade to premium membership. This is one of the few best dating apps in Kenya.

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African Dating

This dating app can connect you to African singles from different African countries. Also, singles outside the continent can connect to singles within Africa.

Singles AroundMe GPS Dating

This dating app enables you to meet singles around you. It is one of the popular dating apps in Kenya.


Buzzy is rated as one of the best Kenyan-based dating apps. This app markets itself through three marketing terms: share, love, connect. The app has over 500 downloads on Play Store.


Apart from the dating site, Mingle2 has a dating app that accommodates the Kenyan audience.

This dating app will connect you with Kenyan singles near you or if you want to date outside the borders, you can certainly still find love. Or relationship. Or a hookup.

Since Tinder was launched, more people have become interested in dating apps.

These seem to be the go-to avenues if you are into online dating. Those looking for love and relationships can now turn to dating apps.

Also, those looking for quick hook ups are also accommodated.

If you have not used dating apps before, it does not hurt to try. Just don’t forget to proceed with precaution since you may fall victim to scammers.

Good luck finding yours!

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