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Artists who allegedly buy fake Views and likes on Youtube & other social Media Platforms


Did you know that you can buy social networking statistics for that mediocre video you created?

Oh-yes! As much as such acts make diligent people blush, those perpetuating them are not afraid to increase their popularity through dubious means.

Social and digital media platforms present artists with the opportunity to promote their work and interact with their users.

Fans are brutal when it comes to giving reviews and ratings, and since most artists are apprehensive of this, some of them discovered “clever” ways of promoting themselves: buying fake views, likes, and comments!

Gone are the days when everyone strived to be skilled at their craft and let the quality of their work speak for itself.

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Even those who pull stunts that leave fans with a collective yawn are not afraid to buy likes. There’s no shame in this game.

The thirst is real since some popular international artists like Justin Bieber are alleged to have bought YouTube likes and comments to revive their sagging careers.

And how is this achieved?

Well, first there are companies that are making a good dime out of this.

Examples are Marketing Heaven, YouTube-Boost, Fiverr and Buy Real Marketing. These are hardly the only options when it comes to buying views, comments, subscriptions, and likes.

Such companies operate under the premise of making videos and posts to go viral.

Some of these fake views are generated by bots or undisclosed formulas.

In some cases, hackers embed videos on popular pages and once visitors access the page, the videos play automatically.

Recently, singer Khaligraph Jones was called out for allegedly buying fake YouTube views for his song ‘Micasa Sucasa’.

At present, the video brags 1+ million views and some people find this suspicious.

Based on Kenyan standards, this is considered high especially for songs that are not deemed popular.

Jones maintains that the views are legitimate and that his single is the most popular song presently.

As expected, he trashed the allegations and told off his haters.

YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook have maintained that companies or programs that increase online activity go against set and user agreements.

Twitter and YouTube have publicly condemned such activities and reiterated that they reserve the right to terminate accounts that violate rules.

YouTube has strong detection controls to identify and delete fake subscribers.

Facebook warns that if and when detected, fake likes and comments are deleted immediately.

Analytics can give correct stats and while everyday users, cannot access such data, the channels’ management can detect fake likes, views, and comments and take necessary action.

And why would someone buy views?

This is linked to a phenomenal referred to as “social proof”.

This is a psychological principle of persuasion that operates under the assumption that people are more likely to accept something if a large number of people have embraced it.

The more the views, likes or subscribers a channel brags, the higher the likelihood that people will like or interact with it.

So, how do I gain more followers, likes, views and comments legitimately?

It is simple as sharing valuable content, establish the best time to post for each digital platform, fact-check information before sharing, improve the outlook of your account, get in touch with other people who can potentially like your page, subscribe and interact with various users.

Most importantly, exercise patience. A lot of it.

The size and presence of some social media pages may overwhelm beginners.

However, given the bogus and illegitimate ways some users get there, beginners should not be intimidated.

Technology has brought good tidings but it has also presented us with challenges and shortcuts that are denying diligent and honest people their rightful dues.

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