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Bora uhai Meaning and Origin


Bora uhai Meaning and Origin popular phrase in Kenya. Bora uhai is a swahili phrase or slogan that that has gone viral and trended on various social media platforms in Kenya.

Bora Uhai, you may have been wondering: what’s the meaning and origin of this Swahili slogan being used by mostly Kenyans. Continue reading below to find the true meaning of Bora Uhai revealed.

Origin of Bora Uhai

Bora uhai phrase is allegedlyly been originated from or started by a group of Kenyan gamblers who used it to counsel themselves whenever they loose a bet during the 2018 world cup season in. This was as a result of  unexpected outcomes of their bets.   Bora Uhai was the slogan they used to counsel themselves. Know you know the origin of Bora uhai slogan

Bora uhai slogan was popular and made the whole event entertaining despite the fact that most favorite teams and players were eliminated at early stages in 2018 world cup. Bora uhai was the funniest phrase that made everyone smile and burst into laughter even non gamblers.

 Bora Uhai  True Meaning 

Bora Uhai  Meaning, loosely translated,  literally means “so long its life” or “so long as there is life.

Meaning, even if outcomes of events are unexpectedly disappointing, so long as you’re are still breathing the outcome doesn’t count. This therefore makes this phrase a source of hope and consolation.

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 Bora Uhai , When and where to use the phrase

There are many situations in life where bora Uhai phrase can be used:

  • When the outcome of an event is contrary to expectations.
  • When you are dumped by your lover.
  • When you have lost in a bet.
  • When you make losses in your business.

Generally bora Uhai is a consoling phrase that will make you to feel good and forget about your current disappointing situation and move on. After all life goes on, Bora uhai.

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Bora uhai Music Video

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