How Genetic Engineering Will Change The World as We Know it


    geneImagine a disease free world. One where babies are designed in labs by parents who have probably stopped ageing.

    Or a world where governments would be able to turn citizens into ‘super soldiers’.

    It may seem impossible now, but looking back 30 years, no one would have thought some of the technologies we have today are possible.

    Genetic Engineering is the next big thing and it promises a world like no other. We are already genetically modifying food on a large scale to produce varieties that are more resistant to disease and other conditions.

    When we start getting seriously into engineering human genes, it is unbelievable what we can achieve.

    Kurzgesagt has another animated explainer that goes deep into genetic engineering. Where it came from, what we’re doing right now, recent breakthroughs and what next.

    Source: Nairobi Wire