Moses Kuria: “Raila has ‘Eaten’ Teargas for 3 Generations. He is too Old for the Big Job” (VIDEO)


    railaGatundu South MP Moses Kuria has launched yet another jibe at CORD leader Raila Odinga describing him as old.

    According to the controversial legislator, Raila is not a bad person but his old age makes him unsuitable for Kenya’s big job.

    He was speaking in Nakuru on Sunday.

    “Ndio mi naambia huyu mtu, si ati yeye ni mbaya. Unajua ni rafiki yangu na tulikula ugali na yeye. Si ati ni mbaya lakini hii kazi hawezi,” he said.

    Loosely translated (That’s why I tell this person(Raila), it’s not that he is bad. You know he is my friend and we ate ugali together. It’s not that he is bad, but he can’t handle the job.)

    Kuria further noted Raila’s past encounters with police and teargas.

    “Wakati kulikuwa na coup 1982, wale askari walimshika walikua rika ya baba yake. Wakati tulikua tunapigania multiparty, askari ambaye walitulisha teargas walikua wa rika yake. Juzi wakati alikua analala kwa lami, askari ambao walimlisha teargas ni rika ya watoto wake. Yaani unakula teargas ya three generations, bwana? Hauchoki?

    (During the 1982 attempted coup, police officers who arrested him were same age mates as his father. When we were fighting for multiparty democracy, police officers who launched teargas at us were his agemates. The other day when he was lying on tarmac, officers who launched teargas at him are his children’s agemates. How do you ‘eat’ teargas over three generations? Aren’t you fed up?)

    He called on Raila to retire and spend time with his grandchildren.

    Meanwhile, DP Ruto in the same event poked holes in the Opposition leadership over their many principals.

    He said that principals belong to high schools.

    Here is the video, courtesy of Youth Stand Up. Time is Now.
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    Source: Nairobi Wire