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IEBC Latest Jobs 2019 Advertised & Shortlisted Candidates


IEBC Latest Jobs 2019 Advertised & Shortlisted Candidates

Vacancy in the Position of Commission Secretary/ Chief Executive Officer, Independent

Electoral and Boundaries Commission – Ref. V.NO/IEBC/C/CEO/1/2019.

The  Independent  Electoral  and  Boundaries  Commission  (IEBC)  is  an  independent

Constitutional Commission established under Article 88 of the Constitution of Kenya.

The Commission is responsible for conducting or supervising referenda and elections to any elective body or office established by the constitution and any other elections as prescribed by an Act of Parliament and in particular for:

  1. a) The continuous registration of citizens as voters;
  2. b) The regular revision of the voters’ roll;
  3. c) The delimitation of constituencies and wards in accordance with the constitution;
  4. d) The regulation of the process by which parties nominate candidates for elections;
  5. e) The settlement of electoral disputes, including disputes relating to or arising from nominations, but excluding election petitions and disputes subsequent to the declaration of election results;
  6. f) The registration of candidates for election;
  7. g) Voter education;
  8. h) The facilitation of the observation, monitoring and evaluation of elections;
  9. i) The regulation of the amount of money that may be spent by or on behalf of a candidate or party in respect of any election;
  10. j) The development and enforcement of a code of conduct for candidates and parties contesting elections;
  11. k) The monitoring of compliance with the legislation required by article 82 (1) (b) of the constitution relating to nomination of candidates by parties;
  12. l) The investigation and prosecution of electoral offences by candidates, political parties or their agents pursuant to article 157(12) of the constitution;
  13. m) The use of appropriate technology and approaches in the performance of its functions;
  14. n) Such other functions as are provided for by the constitution or any other written law

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) is committed to upholding national values and principles of governance as enshrined in Article 10 and the  values  and  principles  of  public  service  in  Article  232(1)  and  (2)  of  the Constitution.

These values and principles are fundamental to the mandate of IEBC in ensuring credible, transparent, free and fair elections.

Pursuant to the provisions of Articles 248(2), 250 (12) and 252(1) (c) of the Constitution of Kenya and Sections 10(1), 11 and 12 of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries  Commission  (IEBC)  Act  of  2011,  the  Commission  hereby  invites applications for the position of Commission Secretary/ Chief Executive Officer.

Commission Secretary/Chief Executive Officer (CS/CEO) Ref. V.NO/IEBC/C/CEO/1/2019

Functions and Duties of CS/CEO

The Secretary shall, in the performance of the functions and duties of office, be responsible, answerable and report to the Commission and shall be—

(a)The chief executive officer of the Commission; (b) Head of the secretariat;

(c) The accounting officer of the Commission; (d) Custodian of all commission’s records; (e)Responsible for—

  1. Executing decisions of the Commission;
  2. Assignment of duties and supervision of all employees of the Commission; iii. Facilitating, coordinating and ensuring execution of Commission’s mandate; iv.  Ensuring staff compliance with public ethics and values; and
  3. The performance of such other duties as may be assigned by the law and Commission.

In addition the CS/CEO shall be responsible for:

  1. a) Providing requisite leadership to the Secretariat to ensure the Commission attains high level of professionalism and ethical standards in its entire mandate, policies and programmes;
  2. b) Heading the  Secretariat  which  shall  perform  the  day  to  day  administrative functions of the Commission;
  3. c) Preparing the Commission’s annual plans and estimates;
  4. d) Overseeing financial and administrative management of the Commission;
  5. e) Driving the Commission’s vision and mission through the implementation of its strategic plan;
  6. f) Mobilizing and managing the resources of the Commission to achieve its core mandate;
  7. g) Ensure safe custody of all the Commissions documents as the chief custodian; and h) The performance of such other duties as may be assigned by the law and the Commission.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience for Appointment

  1. a) Be a citizen of Kenya;
  2. b) Holds a degree from a recognized university;
  3. c) Possession of a relevant Masters degree will be an added advantage;
  4. d) Have fifteen years’ proven relevant experience in either: electoral management, public administration, law, and political science, five years of which must be at comparable senior management level, preferably in Public Sector;
  5. e) Membership of a recognised professional body and in good standing will be an added advantage.
  6. f) Proven experience in leadership, management and corporate governance will be added advant
  7. g) Proven  working  knowledge  and  thorough  understanding  of  Public  Finance

Management Act and Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act will be an added advantage.

  1. h) Must be computer literate;
  2. i) Meets the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitutio Duration of Service and remuneration

The Commission Secretary/Chief Executive Officer shall hold office for a term of five years but shall be eligible for re-appointment for one further term of five years subject to satisfactory performance. The position has an attractive remuneration and benefits.

Integrity Clearance

In addition to the qualifications set above, the applicants must further meet and evidence the following clearances:

  1. a) Director, Ethics and Anti-Corruption (EACC)
  2. b) Director, Criminal Investigation Department (CID)
  3. c) Commissioner General, Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)
  4. d) Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP)
  5. e) Chief Executive Officer, Higher Education Loans Board (HELB)
  6. f) Professional bodies (where applicable) to which the applicant belongs such as LSK, ICPAK, AAK, IEK etc
  7. g) Credit Reference Bureau Africa Limited or Metropol Credit Reference Bureau.

Security Clearance

All shortlisted applicants may be subjected by the Commission to a security clearance by

National Intelligence Service (NIS).

Application Submissions

  1. a) An applicant must clearly indicate the position and vacancy reference number;
  2. b) Interested Candidates  are  requested  to  submit  their  duly  completed  IEBC Application  Form  together  with  an  up-to-date  curriculum  vitae,  copies  of Certificates and testimonials, email and telephone contacts together with names, telephone and email contacts of three (3) referees who must be familiar with the candidates previous work experience;
  3. c) The IEBC Application Form is available at the IEBC website (wwiebc.or.ke) or may be collected from 6th Floor, Anniversary Towers, University Way, Nairobi;
  4. d) Applications and supporting documents shall be submitted electronically in PDF format to [email protected]; and in addition, hard copies of the same to be delivered to the Office of the IEBC Chairperson, 6th Floor, Anniversary Towers, University Way, Nairobi.
  5. e) All submitted applications must be referenced; Applications shall be addressed to –

The Chairperson,

Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), 6th

Floor, Anniversary Towers, University Way, P.O. Box 45371-00100, GPO, Nairobi.

To be received on or before 5:00 pm on Wednesday, 31st January, 2019. Disqualification Criteria

The following persons are and/or will be excluded:

  1. a) Any person who has at any time within the preceding five years contested for or held any elective political position;
  2. b) Any person who has been a member of a governing body of a political party or affiliated groups to political parties in the last five years;
  3. c) Any person adversely mentioned in any report by a Commission of Inquiry. d) Any person who canvasses directly or indirectly;
  4. e) Any person who, knowingly, willingly and blatantly lies, misrepresents, cheats and fails to disclose material facts.
  5. f) Any person who is either charged in court or is undergoing investigation by any statutory agency

Important Notice

  1. a) Names of all applicants and the interview schedule of the shortlisted shall be published  in      the      print      media      and      in      the      Commission’s website: wwiebc.or.ke after the closure of the advert.
  2. b) Only shortlisted candidates will be contac

The Chairperson,

Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC),

6th Floor, Anniversary Towers, University Way, P.O. Box 45371-00100 GPO, Nairobi.

Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission is an equal opportunity employer

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nancy kasili muthembwa
nancy kasili muthembwa
4 years ago

t0 participate in census of 2019 aughust

Beatrice Muthoni Thuo
Beatrice Muthoni Thuo
3 years ago

Am interested in job opportunity in 2022