I’m HIV Positive ;Celebbrity Writer Binyavanga Wainaina Declares


    Time Magazine declared him one of the “Most Influential People in the World.” in its annual list of Time 100.

    Binyavanga Wainaina came out of the closet in a poignant letter written to his mom who had passed away over a decade ago from diabetes.

    In a heartfelt letter to his late mom titled “I am homosexual Mum” Wainaina told a story of how he was struggling to come out and wrote that letter to his mom.

    This declaration has been met with mixed feelings from the public, most of them positive with many applauding him for his decision.

    A few people had their reservations in regards to the tweet and thought that the author’s account had been hacked.

    Here is the tweet:

    Some of the reactions from his fans were as follows:

    LINDA ADONGO ‏@lindaadongo: @BinyavangaW proud of you hope the rest of the public can also come out spreading positive vibes like you do.

    Paul Machira Kiruma ‏@PKiruma: @BinyavangaW those encouraging you here r hypocrates, they, like me r wondering, WTF, will your dropping of bombs ever end?

    Nelly Bosire ‏@Starlight_Bo:@BinyavangaW Way to go! Life is for living, positive or negative.

    Mama Yao ‏@LittlerachiK : @BinyavangaW way to go. Please scream it from the house tops. HIV is not a death sentence. Unless of course you let it

    KamauGatwechi ‏@KamauGatwechi: @BinyavangaW you’ll counter the virus with your positive attitude

    Kenneth ‏@kenotyc: @BinyavangaW I celebrate you. Brave!!

    Wils Njuguna ‏@Wilsnjuguna: @BinyavangaW A brave move. I celebrate you. That’s the way to go

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