The Integrated Devolution Data Portal Will Allow You to Access Data on Devolution


    The Integrated Devolution Data Portal (TIDDP) could not come at a much better time.

    Kenyans welcomed devolution with open arms but the sad reality is that only a small percentage is well-informed about this governance system.

    The portal will act as a central repository for information on the 47 county governments. The public will access all there is to know about devolution and county governments.

    It will allow stakeholders to identify, retrieve, and use information relating to devolution.

    The Integrated Devolution Data Portal was launched following collaboration among The Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM), Commission Revenue Allocation (CRA) and the European Union.

    TIDDP was launched by ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru. The CS noted that the government is committed to providing relevant information from all 47 counties for decision making and accountability purposes.

    Other attendants were CRA Chairperson Dr. Jane Kiringai and KAM Head of Operation Dalmas Okendo. Kiringai noted that the portal aims to simplify access to county news and information.

    The portal is a free data sharing platform that will allow Kenyans from all walks of life to access data relating to Devolution in Kenya.

    The portal features data from different entities including citizens, investors, and the government.

    TIDDP’s Other Objectives

    The Integrated Devolution Data Portal will allow Kenyans to access data on legislation that various county governments have implemented.

    The portal will also allow the public to access the fees and taxes that various county government’s charge.

    The “Kanju” and traders have not seen eye-to-eye for long.

    One of the reasons is that the business people are not acquainted with taxation laws. This is set to change since TIDDP will give business people access to county taxation laws.

    This will help them plan their businesses and above all compare the economic environments of various counties. This will, in turn, give insight on the most favorable business environments.

    In addition, it will act as a wake-up call to counties that are seen to be unfavorable for businesses since they may run the risk of reduced revenues.

    Apart from providing information about county laws, the integrated devolution data portal features other details about each county.

    The Overview section covers details such as location, constituencies, amenities, economic, education, and health.

    Other sets of information include county financial information, county policy documents, revenue collection centers, and upcoming events.

    TIDDP will also serve as a platform where all the 47 counties use the resources available in the portal to learn from each other.

    Increased Public Participation

    TIDDP portal will encourage increased public participation in county affairs.

    Your MCA will no longer be the overall decision maker on matters county legislation since the portal will give you the chance to effectively guide him or her.

    The public has not always been involved when it comes to governance matters.

    The current generation loves to hide behind the keyboard and complain.

    We can only hope that TIDDP will change Kenyan’s attitude on the important role of public participation.

    The popular Kenyan saying “We were not consulted” needs to be buried 10 feet under.

    Will the Integrated Devolution Data Portal enhance transparency?

    It has the potential to but we can only hope it will.

    Most people have no idea about the financial information of their counties. This is a sad state of affairs especially since this money comes from their pockets.

    We cannot be 100% sure that this platform will enhance transparency. Nevertheless, increased public participation is likely to put county officials on their toes.

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