Samsung Galaxy A Series (2017) Now in Kenya


    Kenyans are not a forgotten lot after all as Samsung Galaxy A series (2017) has finally arrived in the country.

    What this means is that the much talked about Galaxy A3, A5, and A7 can now be bought locally.

    These handsets were officially launched in January 2017 and they came with upgrades that are generally reserved for top-of-the-line series like the S series.

    This includes Samsung Pay which allows you to make payments, the IP68 water and dust resistance technology, curved glass back, and USB Type-C.

    The handsets also feature Always on Display so you can check time and date conveniently.

    Lucky for you, we had already featured the three handsets in a previous article where we gave you a summary of the specs.

    Perhaps the only things that we failed to predict accurately were the prices. But at least they were within the range.

    The Galaxy A5 and A7 share some features such as the 16MP rear cameras, Octa-core 1.9GHz processor, and 3GB RAM.

    On the other hand, A3 comes with a 13MP rear camera, Octa-core 1.6GHz processor, and 2GB RAM.

    Some features are common among the three handsets: These include connectivity features, Android v6.01 Marshmallow, colors, IP68 dust and water resistance technology, and dual SIM slots.

    Some key features are unique to each handset.

    These include the price, body dimension, battery capacities (2350mAh for A3, 3000mAh for A5, 3600mAh for A7), and display (4.7-inch for A3, 5.2-inch for A5, 5.7-inch for A7).

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    Security Features

    The A series handsets come with revamped security features.

    They come with a fingerprint reader that’s embedded in the home screen button. Users will also enjoy improved security thanks to a new secure folder feature.

    The secure folder is a welcome addition as it allows you to store your personal files and apps from prying eyes.

    Another interesting security option is that you can create separate app accounts.

    The secure folder supports biometric authentication through a fingerprint scanner.

    This is based on KNOX, Samsung’s high encryption security platform.

    This is definitely a life changing feature since it allows you to keep sensitive information from snoopers.

    These features are welcome since there is always that one person who likes going through other people’s phones. Like they are looking for something they have lost.

    The Managing Director of Samsung Electronics East Africa Jung Hyun Park was quoted saying that Samsung electronics prioritized the delivery of advanced products in the market.

    He termed the Galaxy A series as a testament that the company was committed to producing unique products without compromising style.

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    The Samsung Galaxy A series (2017) enters the market at a time when various second-tier companies are launching unique products.

    The good news is that Samsung is in a different league. It is a household name; hence, its status in the market remains.

    The only thing that concerns me is the pricing. It is evident that the common mwananchi is not the target.

    These are handsets for people who are willing to dig deeper into their pockets. As I said in an earlier post, maybe it’s just me.

    So I’ll speak for myself. I ball on a budget. Okay?

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