Unearthed Letters Cast Doubt on Obama Kenyan Family


    In newly unearthed letters, it has been established that President Obama Kenyan father made no mention of his son Barack Obama Jnr.

    This has cast doubt about the common narrative about Obama family lineage and his Kenyan roots. New York Times published six of the 24 letters written by Barack Obama Snr.

    The letters which were discovered in an archive box at the Schomburg Centre for Research in black culture in Harlem.

    The letters which are dated way back to  Feb 21, 1961, made no mention of Dunham or their son, the future president, which would have been to his advantage in his desperate effort, as the letters show, to obtain funding for his studies.

    In his autobiography “Dreams of My Father ” Obama Jnr. Mentions about the union between His father and her mother Ann Dunham which blossomed after his father went to Harvard for his studies through a grant in form of air lifts from Kenya.

    In a new twist of events, the letters from   Schomburg confirms that Obama Snr never lived with Ann Dunham and that she left with his son only weeks after he was born which contradicts the story in Barack Obama Jnr, fathers autobiography  “Dreams Father” suggests that Barack Obama Snr. married Obama immediately she got pregnant.

    The letters include appeals to American colleges for financial aid, as well as letters of recommendation from professors and advisers during his time in America attending the University of Hawaii and Harvard University.

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