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    According To Kenyan Laws, These are The Only Persons Entitled To a Diplomatic Passport

    A diplomatic passport is quite coveted within government circles. Some time back, MPs tried unsuccessfully to have themselves included in the list of those entitled to one. Some of the benefits of a diplomatic passport are: Easier Visa restrictions, access to diplomatic lounges at many airports, free visas to many countries, travel upgrades on...

    How I Transformed a Small Chicken Business Into a Multi-Billion Empire… Blogger Challenges Ruto To Give Motivation Talk

    This week saw newspapers splashed with headlines of how Deputy President William Ruto had denied been corrupt. The group that believes that is certainly smaller than the one that doesn’t. Ruto has been mentioned in numerous corruption cases and rumours. He has often talked of how he ran a roadside chicken business,...

    Hilarious: KOT Troll Ezekiel Mutua After His Diplomatic Passport Was Revoked

    Just days after he boasted on Facebook how he had received a US Visa on a Diplomatic Passport despite his anti-gay stand, Ezekiel Mutua was embarrassed by the immigration department yesterday when the passport was revoked. Mutua was ordered to surrender the diplomatic passport for an ordinary one since he is not entitled...

    Prominent Jubilee MP Exposed for Having Fake Academic Papers

    A prominent Jubilee MP has been exposed by the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission for having fake academic papers. Kapsaret MP Oscar Sudi, allied to Deputy President William Ruto, is accused of forging his certificates. According to the Star, the papers the MP used to get the nomination in the 2013 general...

    Hilarious Meme Compilation (Friday September 30)

    Today being Friday and end of the month, we have a very special treat for you in our meme compilation. Enjoy and share. Source: Nairobi Wire 6

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    Diamond Platnumz mum’s message to Wema Sepetu that has everyone is talking about

    Diamond Platnumz’s mother Sanura Sandra Kassim  was asked if  she approved of Zari Hassan or Wema Sepetu.This...

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    Waweru Mburu Biography Profile Yaliyotendeka Citizen Radio, Wife Children

    Waweru Mburu Biography Profile Yaliyotendeka Citizen Radio waweru mburu, waweru mburu profiles, waweru mburu kenya, waweru mburu facebook, waweru mburu biography, waweru...

    Top 20 Most Visited Cities in the World

    The Mastercard’s Global Destination Cities Index has released their ranking of the most visited cities in the world. The list incorporates data over the seven-year period of 2009 to 2016. Asia dominates the list, with its cities taking 11 spots (more than half). No African city features on the list. Press next button or your...

    Research: University of Nairobi and Kenyatta University Graduates Most Employable in Kenya

    A survey conducted by the British Council has found three universities leading in overall employability. Graduates from the University of Nairobi (25.6 per cent), Kenyatta University (19 per cent) and Moi University (10.3 per cent), are more likely to be employed. Completing the top 5 in the employability index are KCA and Strathmore Universities...

    Inside The World’s Most Luxurious Commercial Jet

    US-based travel company Crystal, has unveiled what they’re calling ‘The World’s Most Luxurious Commercial Jet’. Boasting of a spacious dining area decked out with leather chairs, fine porcelain and crystalware, the plane looks more like a top restaurant. Tickets for a 14-day hop-on hop-off ride on the palatial plane will start from $50,000....

    Radio Citizen Presenter Waweru Mburu is Dead

    Royal Media Services is mourning the death of one of its most celebrated radio personalities, Waweru Mburu. Waweru reportedly died on Wednesday evening at MP Shah Hospital after a long fight with gastric cancer. The presenter was known for his popular 8pm show Yaliotendeka, that aired on Radio Citizen on weekdays. It covered various...

    Hilarious Meme Compilation (Thursday September 29)

    Here’s is our meme compilation for today. Source: Nairobi Wire 30