Angelina Jolie Movie will Still be Shot in Kenya – Leakey


    Celebrated paleoanthropologist Richard Leakey is assuring Kenyans that a movie based on his life played by Hollywood megastar Brad Pitt and produced and directed by his wife Angelina Jolie will be shot in Kenya and not in South Africa.

    “It is Kenya where my life has been and where the film has to be made,” Leakey’s statement to media houses read. “I have no doubt that whilst the preliminary negotiations are still ongoing and that the storyline and financing are still being finalized, the intent is still to film in Kenya.”

    He continued,

    “The movie, with a working title of ‘Africa’ is to be based on my life and it is to be directed by Angelina Jolie. I wish to clarify that I have been in frequent contact with the agents and producers for the movie and I have received no indication that the movie will be moved to South Africa as alleged.”

    South Africa is a big competitor to Kenya for film locations. The country also offers tax rebates and low or no licensing for foreign filmmakers. It also allows filmmakers to use drones on location.

    In a past interview, Kenya Film Commission chairman Chris Foot said they are working at providing

    “an incentive package for international and domestic filmmakers” because if the film is shot in Kenya, it will play a huge role in “our film tourism which is vital to our economy in a great way”.

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