These are Bishop Kiuna’s daughter photo of her and her husband that everybody is talking about

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Vanessa Kiuna, the daughter of celebrity pastors, Bishop Allan Kiuna and Reverend Kathy Kiuna has stirred the internet with her new photo shoot.

The new mum along with her husband and child had a family photo shoot celebrating the bay. While that has become a common fad, it is their way of doing it that has attracted the attention.

In one of the elegantly done photos, Bishop Kiuna’s daughter, who is wrapped in a towel, exposes a bit too much flesh of her bosom area as she poses breastfeeding baby Nia Gizelle Kiuna Kovac.

See the pic:

Her husband Kovac who they married last year is also present too in another photo where he is bare-chested holding the baby close to his hands.

The elegant photo has been shared across the internet as many criticized the photo shoot while others applaud the move.

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The extensive photo shot also sees the Reverend Kathy and her other daughter Stephanie making an appearance as well as Kovac’s family.

Here are the photos of the two parents during their wedding:

In case these are not enough, see more photos in Venessa Kiuna’s Instagram account 
We wish them all the best.

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