Forget Mzungu sponsors Here is all filthy rich Tanzanian men are waiting for you ladies in a new app.

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Tanzanians decide to sit their pretty bottoms down and develop a dating app, an app that exclusively targets the Swahili speaking countries.

With an estimated 10,000 users on the platform, you will be able to find any type of relationship you desire. From a one night stand to a serious form of relationship.

It’s actually almost the same as any other dating app, which by the way if you’ve not tried out any dating app at this day and era; you live under one HUGE rock! Now what makes ‘Pamoja’, a cut above the rest is the features that have been set up.

The pamoja App screen shot


So the feature makes the stranger to sweat and impresses you before you accept the match.Which will be a change from the normal dating app where you have to talk and chat for hours.

One user who was not mentioned by this author said:

“Pamoja App is a revolution! I just downloaded it, and so far, I cannot complain. Ladies, the fine dudes in that app and my oh my! My weekend is set. Y’all need to join me in the app, and lets get this online courtship rolling!

Download  the Pamoja app  here http://bit.ly/pamojaappke

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