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How to Calculate Cluster Points KUCCPS 2019/2020 Intake


How to Calculate Cluster Points KUCCPS 2019-2020 Intake

KUCCPS guidelines of the Cluster Points system 2019.

Four subjects to be considered to calculate raw cluster points.

How to Calculate Cluster Points KUCCPS 2019-2020 Intake
How to Calculate Cluster Points KUCCPS 2019-2020 Intake /KenyaYote

KUCCPS has revised the weighted cluster points formula.

The board uses weighted cluster points to determine the cut off points for individual courses.

The procedure for choosing a course has been indicated clearly by all universities and the placement body KUCCPS.

For one to qualify for a certain course there are a number of points you have to achieve in the four (4) subjects that are considered the most relevant for the course.

e.g. The College of Health Sciences in JKUAT considers Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics/ Physics and English/ Kiswahili as their core cluster subjects.

Here is how to calculate the weighted cluster points to check whether you qualify for admission to take a particular course at a Kenyan University.

How the Weighted Cluster Points are arrived at:

KUCCPS provides a list of cluster subjects for each university course usually during course revision.

To get the weighted cluster points, you need to determine:

– The Raw Cluster Points
– Basic Aggregate point

The Raw Cluster Points is the maximum points for any cluster (four subjects). There are 48 points – assuming a student scored grade ‘A’ in all the four subjects (12×4).

The total points of the four cluster subjects are calculated based on a students result slip.

This total is also called the Raw Cluster Points.

Basic Aggregate Point 

The Basic aggregate point is the aggregate value of the student’s grade.

For example, a student could have an A- (minus) of aggregate points between of 74 and 80 points.

This is usually indicated on the results slip.

KUCCPS 2019 Intake Application Guidelines

  1. To apply, login to the KUCCPS Student’s Portal using your KCSE Index Number and KCSE Year. Use your Birth Certificate Number/KCPE Index Number as the Password.
  2. All programmes have minimum subject requirements. You will only be able to apply for a course whose minimum requirements you meet, but the selection will be determined by the overall performance and the available capacity.
  3. You may view the available programmes and their requirements by clicking the Programmes tab in the portal. You can also search for courses by institution, using the Institutions tab.
  4. As you select the programmes, you may move the ones that interest you into the Course Basket. This will enable you to work with a shorter list when preparing your final list of courses to apply for.
  5. Once you have settled on your preferred courses, you will only be required to enter the Programme Codes.
  6. To apply, use the Application/Revision tab to enter the Programme Codes.
  7. After confirming that the Programme Codes entered are for the courses you would like to apply for, please submit and follow the application fee payment instructions.
  8. An application processing fee is charged as follows:
    • Students applying for the first time – Ksh 1,500
    • Students revising their choices submitted in school – Ksh1,000
  9. The placement processing fee should be paid after you have selected courses.
  10. You are advised to keep your transaction code safely. It will be required before you make any subsequent changes to your application.

How to Pay for KUCCPS Application Fee

  1. Go to your Lipa Na M-PESA Menu
  2. Select Pay Bill
  3. Enter Business Number 820201
  4. For the Account Number, enter your KCSE Year and KCSE Index Number (no space)
  5. Enter your M-PESA PIN and Send.

KUCCPS Resources 2019/2020

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abich dancan
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